Ivanka Trump Should Replace Her Dad As 'SNL' Host

by Claire Elizabeth Felter

With a Donald Trump Saturday Night Live episode just around the corner, the always-anticipated, ever-awkward promotional vids have been making the rounds. From walking on camera donning sunglasses in an attempt to impress the ladies to having Cecily Strong attempt a Donald Trump impersonation for an excruciatingly long 10 seconds, the clips pretty much go from bad to worse. We all know that if Trump were to hand off the gig to his eldest daughter, Ivanka wouldn't let those promos go live if they were anything less than perfect. So here are six reasons why Ivanka Trump should be hosting SNL instead of her father.

From her composed demeanor (does she ever lose it for just, like, five seconds?) to her being a boss both literally and metaphorically, Ivanka is something to behold. And although she's not the Trump aiming for the White House, an Ivanka-filled Saturday Night Live episode would probably do more good for her father's campaign than the scheduled appearance by The Donald himself. Maybe Ivanka could just run for the presidency in place of her dad, too. She just turned 34 years old at the end of October, which puts her at the requisite 35 years before the 2016 Election Day. Just saying...

1. She Already Knows Her Way Around A TV Show

Yes, Donald does too. But maybe that's why his SNL appearance isn't all that exciting. We've seen him on our television screens every week for how many seasons of The Apprentice now? Ivanka's appearances on her dad's show always seemed like a treat. She knew how to handle herself on camera, and we never got tired of her.

2. She Has A Sense Of Humor

OK, so no one probably thinks of Ivanka Trump as the go-to source for a good laugh, but the woman can appreciate when something's silly. She can also hold her own with the likes of Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel on late-night TV. Ivanka may keep it extra classy at all times, but she knows how to give a joke as well as take one.

3. An Ivanka Monologue Would Give Us More Style Inspo Than A Donald One

I mean, come on. The woman is always impeccably dressed and she runs her own fashion brand. Is there even reason to think there's any competition in terms of whose ensemble would inspire us more during the SNL monologue? Trump will probably don his "Make America Great Again" cap, which we don't need more of.

4. Her Appearance Would Celebrate Pregnancy On A National Stage

Ivanka already has two kids, so she's no first-timer to being pregnant and is probably pretty good at keeping her cool even in moments of "I'm actually having a child" stress. But it's not often that we get an SNL host with a baby bump, and I'm guessing that the SNL writers would get that pregnant belly into the story line for at least one sketch. Instead of hiding away, Ivanka could put her pregnancy front and center. Shout out to expecting moms everywhere!

5. She Respects The Legend That Is Saturday Night Live


When ET interviewed Ivanka and asked about her dad's upcoming appearance on the show, she replied, "Obviously, SNL is the pinnacle, so I am incredibly excited." Ivanka knows that SNL always deserves respect for being, well, SNL.

6. She's A Woman Who Supports Other Women

Paul Morigi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And that should be reason enough. While her father has been caught time and again making disparaging comments about pretty much every female, from Heidi Klum to Rosie O'Donnell, Ivanka stands up for women. Trump started an initiative through her brand to celebrate the modern working woman, using the hashtag #WomenWhoWork. She also spoke at this year's The Most Powerful Women Summit, held by Fortune, and said afterward that she was honored to participate in the conversation.

No, Ivanka, we're honored. Now do us a favor and snag your dad's spot on this week's SNL episode.