How Many Tinder Users Want Long-Term Relationships

Since its inception, Tinder has been nicknamed "the hookup" app, but what do you use Tinder for? Because certainly not everyone is using Tinder for casual sex — some people use Tinder to find love. And now, Tinder CEO Sean Rad says those people are actually the majority of users. According to The Guardian, Rad told the Web Summit conference that the company did a survey of over 300,000 users and found that over 80 percent of Tinder users are using the dating app to find a long-term relationship.

As for the other 20 percent? According to Rad, they're there for "things more short-term: either friendships or … dare I say hook-ups. Very brief friendships!"

Very brief friendships. Have you ever heard of a better euphemism for a one-night stand? I love it.

It's not the first time Tinder has spoken out against its hookup reputation— remember the Tinder twitter meltdown after that Vanity Fair article? And I kind of get it. Although there's a bit of protesting in how much they emphasize Tinder leading to marriages and babies, there's also a lot of truth. I know a lot of long-term relationships that have come out of Tinder, and I know way more people that are on it looking for relationships, or at least dating, than are on there for hookups. Plus, he said they are going to update their matching algorithms, so there may be an even better Tinder in the future if you're looking for something serious.

And maybe that is what we want— at least some us us. Here are daters talking about exactly what they're using Tinder for, and it's a bit of everything:

1. Kathryn, 27

"I use it because it's fun, and because matching with someone can be kind of an ego boost. I don't usually end up meeting any of the people I match with, but it's cool to see who likes you."

2. Rachel, 33

"To meet someone I could have a relationship with. Ideally, a longer term thing. But I would consider other kinds, too."

3. Emma, 24

"Mostly to make fun of stranger's profile pics when I'm bored watching TV on a Saturday night."

4. Zoe, 28

"I'd really like to meet someone on it, but it does seem like a lot of work. I do find it easier to meet other women on Tinder, as there aren't a lot of lesbians in my social group. I would mind just a hookup though if that felt right."

5. Sarah, 25

"I'm up for anything really, I just wish I had a way other than Tinder to do it. I know it's majorly hypocritical, because I use it like every day, but I still don't like telling anyone that's how I'm meeting people."

6. Sherry, 27

"I mean to use it for dates, but like 99 percent of the time it's just swiping. Just out of laziness, I guess... but I hardly ever talk to anyone. It's basically window shopping when I'm bored."

7. Lucy, 27


8. Kelsea, 28

"I'm off Tinder at the moment, but when I have it on, I use it for all variations of things and I find the dudes on there do too: Some are looking for hookups, some are there for dating, some are there for let's just see what happens and I think depending on my mood or the messages the dude is sending, I've found all three set-ups on there. It's kinda what you make it."
9. Michelle, 28
"I don't use it anymore but I did use it for dating about a year ago. I actually went on some really great dates. I thought guys on it were actually more serious about dating than guys I met on Hinge and Happn. I definitely don't think it has to be the "hookup app" the media and people who don't use it always claim it to be — it's all about how you use it."
10. Dan, 25
"Whatever I get out of it. Hookup, long-term relationship, short-term relationship — as long as I have a good time, I don't want to limit myself."
11. Margot, 26
"Meeting people in a fun way with the ultimate goal of long-term relationship."
12. April, 25
"A bit of work (i have a column about it) and to meet people."

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