13 Times To Swipe Left If You're Looking For Love

Contrary to popular belief, people do use Tinder to find love as well as hookups. Plenty of users view the app's photos as an initial filter for physical attraction before they get to know someone's personality and determine if they're compatible. But one popular belief about Tinder is true: There are some people on there just for hookups. And that's fine! But it's not particularly helpful to those looking for lasting love.

As someone who has gotten dates from Tinder, I can tell you that the filtering starts at your profile. If you take the time to describe your personality and your likes and dislikes in your bio — or if you write "not looking for hookups" so your profile leaves no doubt — those looking for casual sex are less likely to swipe right or message you. But some still slip through because — let's face it — people seeking casual hookups aren't always carefully perusing profiles.

To keep messages of the "let's f*ck" variety out of your Tinder inbox, here are some signs that you need to swipe left to the profile you're viewing in order to swipe right to lasting love.

1. Their Profile Has No Bio... Or A VERY Minimal One

If someone isn't willing to put in the effort to show you something other than pictures, finding people with common values or interests may not be their priority.

2. They "Just Like To Get Drunk And/Or High And Hang Out"

Probably not the ingredients for a meaningful connection.

3. They're Just Here For The Month/Week/Night

We all know what these ones are looking for.

4. Their Profile Picture Is A Chest

If the chest doesn't give this one away, the hand gesture does.

5. Their Profile Picture Is A Butt

Not a bad butt, though.

6. Their Profile References Penis Size

And don't go blaming that cat. There's no way he wrote that.

7. Their Profile Contains A Vague Reference That Obviously Means Penis Size

Another not-great sign is that they need to blur out part of their photo to be allowed on the app.

8. They're "Looking To Have Some Fun"

We all know what that means.

9. They're Wearing This

I don't care what kind of relationship you're looking for. Please, for the love of God, do not swipe right to someone wearing this.

10. They're Not On Tinder For Hookups... They're There For The Money.

11. They're Not On Tinder For Hookups... They're There For The Fame.

12. Their Ideal Date Takes Place In A Parent's Car

13. Their First Message Looks Like this

Time to unmatch.

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Images: Andrew Zaeh for Bustle; Suzannah Weiss/Tinder