Julie Klausner's Dating Memoir To Become A Film

If you liked Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck, you’re going to love the upcoming I Don’t Care About Your Band film adaptation. If you’ve already read the hilarious Julie Klausner’s memoir, then just hearing the title will already have thrown you into fits of giggles as you recall your favorite moments. If you still have that treat ahead of you, then get excited for a laugh-out-loud journey through some outrageously bad dates, narrated by an author whose self-love is contagious.

This isn’t the first time that I Don’t Care About Your Band has been considered for adaptation; in 2010 HBO was in talks to develop it into a TV show. Unfortunately, that fell through, but now it has been optioned once again — and this time by Broad Green for the big screen. The best part is that Klausner herself will be co-writing the script, so you just know it will be as hilarious as everything else she does. Over the last few years, Klausner has worked on projects such as her podcast How Was Your Week, her YA novel Art Girls Are Easy, and of course, the Hulu show Difficult People — and each time, Klausner has proved that her writing is raw, funny, and brutally honest.

Books like I Don’t Care About Your Band are a great way to counter the stereotype of the “pathetic” single girl. Instead, Klausner flips this on its head, and points out that being single and on a quest for love just means you’re doing a great job of successfully avoiding the disaster guys out there — and that’s something to feel pretty good about.