'Supergirl's Melissa Benoist Is Just As Super IRL

If there's one fall TV show you should be paying extra attention to these days, it's CBS' new superhero series, Supergirl , which is already impressing viewers by leaps and bounds. Not only does it put a female hero front and center, but it also has given some very deserved recognition to Supergirl 's leading lady, Melissa Benoist, who plays Kara Danvers. While some actors are unable to compete against their on-screen counterparts, Benoist has proven that she's just as super in real life as she is when donning that iconic red cape.

Granted, the actress might not be able to shoot heat lasers from her eyes or run faster than a speeding bullet, but that doesn't mean she isn't just as awesome in her own unique ways. In fact, I find that the more you get to know the actress, the more you fall head over heels for her charm and good-natured demeanor. But just in case you're still feeling a tad skeptical about the whole thing, I've rounded up all of the reasons Supergirl's Melissa Benoist is just as awesome outside of the small screen as she is on camera. For example…

1. She's A Huge Animal Lover

Preach, sister!

2. Puppies Are Her Kryptonite

We are all Benoist in this video. I have never related to someone so much.

3. She Loves The Show As Much As We Do

Just look at how excited she is to be such a pivotal part of the Warner Bros. Water Tower makeover. You can't fake that kind of enthusiasm, and clearly the WB has absolute faith in her capabilities as both an actress and a character for others to look to the sky and admire.

4. She's Great About Interacting With Fans

You can tell that she believes in the positive message this series is sending to young girls in regards to female superheroes. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's feminism!

5. She Wants To Help Make The World A Better Place

Just like Supergirl herself!

6. She's Family-Oriented

Can you say, cuteness overload?

7. She, Like Kara, Dons Many Disguises

No matter the occasion.

8. She's Humble

While some celebs may try to hide their more embarrassing looks, Benoist completely embraced it during a recent interview on The Ellen Show, when she willingly showcased some of her bad hairstyles while growing up. It's refreshing to see a star have such a great sense of humor and ability to laugh at themselves, which proves just how genuine this lady truly is.

9. She Loves & Respects Her Coworkers

Even the ones whose characters are trying to harm her. I'm sure the feeling is mutual, because it's clear that whether as Supergirl, Kara Danvers, or herself, Melissa Benoist is someone we can all look up to.

Image: Darren Michaels/CBS