6 Household Chores You Are Forgetting To Do

When I was younger it was a miracle if I remembered to give my apartment a quick vacuum, so of course there were always places in my apartment I forgot to clean — you know, the sneaky little gross places of my home. Up until recently I could count on one hand the number of times I deep-cleaned an apartment, and it was probably still only considered surface cleaning that just felt like a lot of work to me.

I often didn't even realize how gross my place had gotten until I moved a piece of furniture and saw the dusty outline of where it once was. I'm a lot better about cleaning now, but it's still a learning process.

And it still is for even the most seasoned of neat freaks. All you housekeeping queens out there think nothing gets past your mop. So you may be surprised to learn that there are places you're probably overlooking. Sure your floor is spotless, and your bathroom sink is gleaming, but what about the hidden, dark corners of your house?

Some places seem totally obvious once you realize it, but they still are somehow overlooked. Here are a few of those places that often go uncleaned, so you can go give them a quick once over.

1. The Back Of The Fridge

Oh, the dreaded back of the fridge — where food goes to die. If it's been awhile since you peaked inside those plastic leftover containers lurking in the back, then it may be time to don a gas mask and get in there. According to, food can go bad way quicker than you might imagine. To give you an idea, pizza lasts three to four days, salads last three to five days, soups will last three to four days, and uncooked chicken lasts only one to two days. The window of opportunity to eat your food is pretty small, so make sure you clean out anything that's old.

2. Your Couch Crevices

Digging around in your couch cushions is like taking a trip down memory lane. I bet if you felt down the cracks right now you'd find remnants of past dinners, magazines, ticket stubs, a few remote controls, and your old pair of glasses. It can really pile up in there, so you should think about cleaning down your sofa crevices once every two to three months, according to housekeeping expert Sarah Aguirre for All you have to do is take all the cushions off, vacuum, and then vacuum the cushions themselves before putting them back on. The bonus is that you'll probably find a lot of long lost money in the process.

3. Dryer Lint Vents

You should really clean your dryer's lint screen every time you use it. If it gets clogged, your dryer won't work as well, and it can cause all sorts of problems. So why wouldn't you do it, especially when peeling the lint is so darn satisfying?

4. Under Your Bed

Your sheets may be all nice and clean, but that means nothing if you're sleeping mere feet above a jungle of dust bunnies. They can really pile up under your bed, causing all sorts of problems with your allergies, according to WebMD. The best way to clean out dust bunnies is to use a blow dryer to dislodge them, according to writer Jackson Veigel at Slate, and then sweep them up once they are within reach.

5. Ceiling Fan Blades

If you turn on your ceiling fan and it looks as if it's snowing in your living room, then you should probably give them the ol' once over. According to Aguirre, ceiling fans are notorious for attracting thick layers of dust. The best way to clean them is with a vacuum brush attachment, so that you can brush the dust off while vacuuming it up at the same time. Easy as that.

6. Window Blinds

Window blinds often look like they aren't dirty, but give them a wipe and you'll see how gross they really are. Luckily they are easy to clean. All you need to get the job done is an old sock. Slip the sock on your hand and then pinch the blinds as you slide your hand across them, thus removing all the dust. It's so simple you don't even have to get out your vacuum cleaner.

The next time you're doing some spring cleaning, remember these gross little areas of your home, lest you live in squalor without even realizing it.

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