10 Brands That Let You Customize Your Own Palettes

by Miki Hayes

Makeup palettes are kind of the best. Whether you travel frequently or not, it's always convenient to have everything you might want in one place. And the only thing better than stumbling upon your ideal one, is customizing your perfect makeup palette. I'm talking eyeshadows, blushes, and even contour powders. Of course, if you're really into the idea of bespoke palettes (or just want to consolidate some of your makeup), you can always depot products that come in a pan into a magnetized palette, like a Z-Palette. And if you want all of your lipsticks or cream products in the same place, a welled palette is perfect.

But if you want to be able to more easily customize an eyeshadow or blush palette without having to deal with the mess associated with depotting, there are plenty of brands that allow you to do just that. Not only is it fun to arrange your own palette, but because you select every shade, you know there's nothing you won't get any use out of. So if you're itching to give it a try, here are 10 brands that allow you to pick your products and customize a palette. Trust me; you'll love having a palette full of products that you personally selected.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Eye Shadow Singles, $12, A mazon; Contour Refills, $14, Amazon

Anastasia's contour kits are cult favorites. But you don't have to buy a pre-made palette if you don't want. Her site sells individual contour shades and even individual eyeshadow pans so you can arrange a custom contour or eyeshadow palette.

2. Butter London

ShadowClutch, $39, Amazon; Wardrobe Duos, $15, Amazon

For a travel-friendly option, Butter London offers pre-made, six-pan palettes with shades that can be easily popped out and replaced with colors from their coordinating duos. Color options are a little more limited with this one, but the palette will fit easily in your favorite clutch.

3. Buxom

Individual Eyeshadows , $12, Amazon

For a totally customizable six-pan palette, Buxom allows you to select from their range of 40 shades to mix and match your ideal combinations.

4. Inglot

Empty Palette, $7-39; Products, $7-13, Inglotusa

Inglot's Freedom System is one of the most expansive, customizable-palette options. Anything from a two-pan palette to a 40-pan palette is available, and (depending on the palette type) can be filled with anything from eyeshadow, to brow wax, to blush, to lipstick. The options are pretty much endless.

5. MAC

Empty Palette, $5-10; Products, $10-17, maccosmetics

MAC offers their own magnetized palettes that can be used with or without inserts to further organize your products. Choose from a two, four, six, or 15-pan eyeshadow palette; or a six-pan palette for blush, contour, or other face powders.

6. Make Up For Ever

Empty Palettes, $1-14; Artist Shadows, $21, makeupforever

Make Up For Ever's Artist Shadows aren't just for eyes. They can also be used as blush, bronzer, contour, and highlight shades. Customize a duo or trio for a travel-friendly option, or fill up a magnetized palette with up to 28 shadows from their range of over 200 colors.

7. Makeup Geek

Eyeshadow Pans, $6-10; Blush Pans, $10, makeupgeek

Makeup Geek doesn't actually offer their own empty palettes for their shadows and blushes. But if you have an empty Z-Palette or MAC palette, the Makeup Geek pans are the exact same dimension as MAC ones. Plus, you'll be blown away by some of the more unique shades and finishes they have to offer.


Empty Palettes, $14-18; Products, $18-30, narscosmetics

For all you Narsissists out there, the cult-favorite brand now offers a line of customizable palettes that you can fill with a selection of their covetable eyeshadows, blushes, contour powders, and bronzers.

9. NYX

Empty Palettes, $6-15; Products, $4-5, nyxcosmetics

Can't get enough of contour and eyeshadow palettes? NYX now offers customizable eight-pan highlight and contour palettes along with four or nine-pan eyeshadow palettes at totally covetable, drugstore prices.

10. Surratt Beauty

Empty Palettes, $17-22; Products, $20-32, sephora

For a more streamlined option, Surratt Beauty offers palettes that can hold anywhere from two to six eyeshadows, or two to three blushes. Oh, and you can mix-and-match products within the same palette to keep all of your favorites in one place.

I dare you to not become addicted.