7 Cream Contouring Kits That Are Better Than Powders For That Easy, Sun Kissed Summer Glow

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There’s no better time like summer to do a complete makeup overhaul and try out new products that you would have never thought to use before. This includes swapping out powder bronzers for new cream contouring kits. So, what exactly is cream contouring? It’s basically a combo of highlighting and contouring shades that are packaged into cream forms and mimic the consistency of foundation and concealer. Aside from being much more blendable than powders (you can even use your fingers to apply them), cream contouring sets have a number of benefits.

Many cream products have been created in a wide range of shades to fit a number of skin types, unlike powders that often come in only a certain amount of colors. An added bonus is that cream contouring kits feature everything that you need to help you create your desired look with both matte and shimmery highlighting shades as well as matte contouring shades.

Whether you're a novice or expert, cream contouring kits have it all and save you the hassle of having to scramble to use a ton of different products at once. Perhaps you’ve been inspired by the Kardashian/Jenner clan’s contouring skills or you just want to naturally define your features — no matter what the reason is, these products can help you achieve any look.

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