Why You Need Lube During Sex, Even Though Ronda Rousey Thinks You Don't

In a recent Q&A with Maxim.com, MMA and UFC superstar, Ronda Rousey says you should never need lube. As part of an on-going column with the site, a Maxim reader posed the question: What should a guy NEVER do in bed? Rousey responded with, “Take his time. In general, a girl takes a minute. He needs to get her ready. You should never need lube in your life. If you need lube, then you’re being lazy...and you’re not taking your time.”

Granted, that statement of hers didn’t exactly sit well with very many people. One in particular, personal lubricant company, Wicked Sensual Care even released an official statement in response to Rousey’s piece of advice.

Carrie Smith, head of Product Development for Wicked Sensual Care said in a press release,

"There is no normal when it comes to sex, and everyone is different. If we perpetuate the idea a woman can become naturally lubricated by her partner simply doing the necessary work, then we are ignoring the many women unable to self lubricate due to a number of medical and psychological reasons. We are also putting pressure on the men and women trying to help them become lubricated."

While it’s great that people, especially public figures, are open to sharing their great knowledge of sex to the world, it’s important to do so with a little bit of sensitivity. In Rousey’s case, openly “lube-shaming” only devalues the importance of lube to those do use it and need it in order to have a proper and enjoyable sex life.

Because of that, here are six reasons why you should use lube, according to the team over at Wicked Sensual Care.

1. It Helps Reduce Friction


Whether naturally or from a condom.

2. It Helps Decrease The Chances Of A Condom Breaking


According to The Naked Truth, using plenty of water-based lubricants with latex condoms can help reduce friction and prevent the condom from tearing.

3. It Helps With Sex After Menopause


According to Everyday Health, estrogen levels fall during menopause causing a woman’s natural lubrication to decrease. In that case, sex can become more painful.

4. It Helps Those With Sexual Arousal Disorder


Those with Sexual Arousal Disorder may experience vaginal dryness. In that case, sex can become more painful. Using lube helps to ease the pain.

5. It’s VERY Important For Anyone Engaging In Anal Sex


When it comes to anal play, let’s just say, lube is your best friend.

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