Does Justin Use A Stunt Double In His New Video?

by Michelle McGahan

Justin Bieber keeps rolling out content from his upcoming album, Purpose, and his latest music video "I'll Show You" is already making headlines. While that is to be expected — literally anything the guy does is headline-worthy, so of course his latest music vid is too — this one is in the news for its stunning locale, impressive stunts, and, of course, a shirtless and freezing cold Bieber. The premise of the video is pretty simple: JB runs wild throughout Iceland, leaping from cliffs, skateboarding down a deserted road, and taking a dip in an icy glacial lagoon (more on that below). Anyone who is familiar with the 21-year-old knows that the kid is a bit of a daredevil with a penchant for extreme sports, so is that actually him doing the stunts in the vid — or does Bieber's "I'll Show You" video feature a stunt double?

It certainly seems as if JB is the real deal, sprinting down mountainsides, frolicking from cliff to cliff, and tumbling through hills with the carefree spirit of a 5-year-old (or someone who has finally found himself and his freedom after years of public mishaps). In the video, Bieber is mostly filmed from behind — OMG, it could be, like, anyone doing those stunts — but the person certainly resembles the Biebs, from his lean frame to very Justin Bieber-esque outfit (oversized hoodie, long socks, and trademark sneaks).

As someone who may or may not have watched the iconic Justin Bieber documentary Never Say Never more than a handful of times, it seems obvious to me that JB is the one stuntin' in this music video. Because in addition to being a genuinely talented singer and musician (and yes, he actually is), the kid also has a serious knack for sports, something that he touched on in his recent Complex interview (and was all over that Never Say Never masterpiece).

"Growing up, I literally got my identity through being good at stuff. I always wanted to be the best because I felt like that’s how I got my self-worth," Bieber revealed to Complex. "It actually did me good in the long run because now I can go skateboard and have fun. I was the only person in my school who was skateboarding and on the basketball team."

JB is an avid hiker (evidence here) and frequently Instagrams videos of himself doing wild (and sometimes, even dangerous) skateboarding tricks. And speaking of dangerous, Bieber knows how to do it up, because even in this "I'll Show You" vid (filmed and directed by actual professionals), he's doing something a little cray: Namely, dunking in one of Iceland's "glacial lagoons," water so dangerously chilly that if it doesn't harm you, one of the nearby floating icebergs might. According to TMZ, one Icelandic tour company is concerned that eager Beliebers will attempt to imitate their idol's stunts and get seriously hurt doing so. Yikes.

And just in (Justin?) case all of that doesn't make it seem likely that the Biebs is hoofin' it on his own, I present to you a YouTube video of an actual Bieber stunt double. Certainly doesn't look like this guy was in the vid, which obviously draws me to one conclusion and one conclusion only: Justin Bieber was doing his own stunts, no double necessary.