The Aziz Ansari Bobby Jindal Impression Is The Best Thing To Happen To The Governor's Campaign — VIDEO

The 2008 presidential election was defined in pop culture by Tina Fey's impersonation of Sarah Palin. At last, 2016 political humor may have struck its own gold. No, it's not Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton — it's Aziz Ansari's Bobby Jindal impression that's lighting up the Internet.

Ansari's performance, part of Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show, put host Jimmy Fallon's antics as Donald Trump to shame. While Fallon (who loves to dress up as Trump), relies on a fake wig and some catchphrases, Ansari's impersonation was not only accurate, but also scathingly funny. And it's a big boost for the Louisiana governor, who is one of the lesser-known Republican candidates vying for the party's presidential nomination.

As Ansari (as Jindal) was quick to point out, things might be on the rise for the candidate, who's consistently been polling at 1 percent nationally. “I’m going to stop you right there,” he told Fallon, who had asked about the low numbers. “I’m not polling at 1 percent. I was polling at 1 percent. I’m now polling at 2 percent! That’s a 100 percent increase. It’s a huge difference."

Ansari's portrayal of Jindal was shockingly upbeat (the character was very excited to be on a program that wasn't C-SPAN at 2 a.m.), and although Ansari may have lampooned the candidate, he also helped put him on the map.

The jokes went beyond The Tonight Show's typical light political humor, as Ansari made sure to poke fun at Jindal's murky stances on science. "I'm the only candidate that doesn't believe in any science. Period," he said, referencing Jindal's openness to teaching creationism in schools. Despite being a former pre-med student, Jindal has seemed shaky on whether he accepts evolution as a fact.

Ansari's performance was so good that even Jindal himself endorsed it. Presumably in an attempt to show that he's hip and cool, he tried to make a joke about mixing up Ansari and Kal Penn, who had previously expressed a desire to portray the governor. Needless to say, it wasn't as funny as Ansari's performance, though Penn seemed to get a kick out of it, at least.

According to Ansari, who was on the show to promote his upcoming Netflix series Master of None, the impression has been in the works for awhile. Since Jindal's campaign announcement, the comedian has been eager to try out an impression. "I finally look like a guy!" he told Fallon, while stating that he had wanted to portray Jindal on Saturday Night Live.

Unfortunately, Jindal has thus far been one of the many candidates who have been passed over by the comedy show, which has featured Hillary Clinton and will have Trump hosting on Saturday. But Jindal's low poll numbers shouldn't keep Ansari off the set. In fact, Jindal's poor performance might provide the perfect material for a recurring skit. And as SNL scrambles for ratings, Ansari could very well provide a much needed breath of fresh air.

Image: The Tonight Show/YouTube