30 Gifts For Mom That Are Under $30

by Emily Kelley

The struggle is real when you want to give your mom — the woman who birthed you, raised you, loved you, and supported you — a great holiday gift, but you’re also broke. You have other presents to buy, after all. Luckily, you can still find cheap gifts for mom that are under $30, yet still feel luxurious.

Moms are honestly the easiest to buy for during the holidays. Just keep them fed, warm, buzzed, or entertained, and they’ll appreciate any gift. Of course, every mother is different, but there are a handful of gifts almost any mom will love to receive during the holidays. Comfy slippers, good wine, and a riveting read are usually good go-tos based on your mom’s interests, hobbies, and loves. For instance, my mom is a vegetarian, yoga-loving gardener — so I’m always safe with getting her something for her backyard, or something for the yoga studio. And coincidently, these types of gifts are always pretty affordable. There are plenty of great gift ideas for $30 or under that your mom or any mom would be happy to unwrap this season.

Of course, these are just ideas to get you started, but chances are you will find something you like. And with such affordable price tags, you might end up picking up a few items for yourself, as well!

1. "You Are The Best" Mug

We all think our mom is the best mom, because guess what — all of our moms are the best! And I'm sure our mothers know this, but it wouldn't hurt to remind them with this chic mug.

You're the Best Mug, $16,

2. Scarf

Scarves are always a great gift if you're in a pinch. This one is warm and delicate, and could easily transition from winter to spring.

Rustic West Scarf , $19,

3. Bottle of Wine

When all else fails, just get mom a nice bottle of wine. The California-made Save Me, San Francisco brand is tasty, and has a bit of a rock star quality to it (it's produced by the band Train, by the way).

Soul Sister Pinot Noir, $17,

4. Cookbook

My mom happens to be a vegetarian, but I think all of us could use a few more ideas on how to cook veggies. Come spring, mom will be an expert!

Plenty: Vibrant Vegetable Recipes Cookbook, $21,

5. Notorious RBG

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of the most bad-ass ladies in history, and her biography is definitely worth reading. You should get one for yourself and one for mom so you can chat about it.

Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, $14,

6. Perfume Roller Balls

Let dad get mom the really expensive perfume — these roller ball minis are great for mom to just throw in her purse, or to take on a trip.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Mini Rollerball Set , $25,

7. Boyfriend Watch

It's funny that this is called a boyfriend watch when clearly it has mom's name written all over it. The black color and studs make it a great accessory for everyday.

Olivia Pratt Women's Pyramid Stud Boyfriend Watch, $18,

8. Tea Drops

If your mom is a big tea drinker, these tea drops are probably a good buy. No tea bags, no straining — just drop the cute little shapes into hot water!

Tea Drop Sampler, $12,

9. Nail Polish Set

This is a particularly festive set of nail polish that mom can wear through New Year's Eve, and all year round. The sparkles are especially perfect for the holidays.

Essie Ravishing Red Festive Mini Set, $13,

10. "Shhh... There's Wine In Here" Mug

Shhh, shhh little one. Mommy just needs her wine, OK?

Shhh... There's Wine in Here Mug, $16,

11. Personalized Family Tree

This isn't your typical family tree. There are no names, just a bird for every member of your family — any minimalist moms will love it.

Personalized Family Tree, $18,

12. Quote Wine Charms

If your mother enjoys wine, she'll probably also enjoy these hilarious wine charms. My favorite is "You had me at Merlot."

Funny Wine Charms, $12,

13. Nice & Normal Family Tea Towel

This will be a good reminder for mom that as weird and dysfunctional as your family is, you guys are totally normal — at least, as far as everyone else is concerned. It's the little things that get us through the day, right?

Nice & Normal Family Tea Towel, $12,

14. Soap and Lotion Caddy

Not only are the pump bottles convenient, but the caddy makes it feel like mom took a trip to the spa instead of just her bathroom. The plumeria flowers are a good scent for any season, too.

Retreat Plumeria Liquid Soap and Lotion Caddy, $10,

15. Slipper Socks

Socks are always a good gift option — especially now that it's finally cold! These are hand-knit too, so you know they were made with lots of love.

Chunky Hand-Knit Slipper Socks, $18,

16. Bath Bomb

After all the stress of the holidays, your mother will be singing your praises if you get her this relaxing bath bomb. It's even festive!

Luxury Lush Pud, $7,

17. Yoga Mat

Even if your mom isn't into yoga, she could still use this yoga mat for the beach, or just to stretch after a walk. Or maybe you getting it for her will inspire her to try yoga, and you could go together.

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Mat, $19,

18. Slippers

Cold nights mean cold feet. Mom will love these faux shearling slippers for their warmth and pretty color.

Blue Knit Shearling Slippers, $23,

19. Leather Journal

Whether mom is keeping a gratitude journal or just a daily account of her awesome life, this gorgeous leather-bound notebook is perfect for all of her thoughts. You can also get it customized with her name!

Not All Who Wander Are Lost Quote Journal, $25,

20. Blackberry Fig Candle

Blackberry fig is a perfect scent — if not a bit unique — for the holidays. Plus, the Henri Bendel label will make mom feel like a superstar.

Blackberry Fig Signature 9.4 oz Candle, $30,

21. Ring Cone

Aren't these ring cones adorable? They're perfect for keeping mom's special rings safe while making her counter look very hip.

White and Gold Ring Cone, $24,

22. Stemless Wine Glasses

I actually own these glasses, and they're glorious. Not only are they great for casual wine drinking, but if mom has a little bit too much, she won't have to worry about breaking them.

Govino Wine Glass Flexible Shatterproof Glasses, $15,

23. Bracelet Display

If your mom has a bit of a more rustic taste (mine sure does), go with the wooden jewelry holder. It's still cute, and gets the job done.

Wood Jewelry Display , $7,

24. Outlander

If your mom isn't already watching Outlander (she should be), you could always try and get her hooked on the books first. With eight books in the series, you might be good for presents for a while if she likes it.

'Outlander: A Novel,' $10,

25. Grocery List

Your mom is way too cool to go to the grocery store with just a boring piece of paper. Plus, this list is magnetic, so it's easy to jot stuff down while peering into the fridge.

Magnetic Fridge Note Pad, $8,

26. Blender

This is great if your mom makes morning smoothies or late night margaritas for herself. The blender is a great size, and won't take up too much counter space.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender, $15,

27. Lip Balm Set

Lipstick might be a give or take with your mom — if my mom wears mascara, it's a really special occasion — but she can always use good lip balm. Those winter winds can be harsh, after all.

Jack Black It's the Balm Lip Quartet , $25,

28. Petty

One of my mom's favorite musicians is Tom Petty, so this book is a must-have for her. It's written by a fellow rocker and friend, which means mom will get a pretty unique look into the life of one of rock-and-roll's greats.

Petty: The Biography, $21,

29. Salted Caramel Bark

Just like wine, if all else fails, you can alway get mom a delicious, chocolate treat. A perfect holiday snack to go with tea or coffee.

Salted Caramel Bark Tin, $7,

30. Dream Bracelet

This bracelet is both chic and meaningful — each little charm can represent a unique dream or wish for your mom, whether it's a dream for herself or for her beloved children.

Dream Wrap Bracelet, $25,