25 Cheap Mother's Day Gifts Under $25

May is all about the mommas. This May 11, show yours how well you were raised — and avoid emptying your wallet! — with these 25 cheap Mother's Day gifts under $25.

I've corralled presents with all kinds of moms in mind — new ones, bakers, gardeners, design enthusiasts, note takers, makers, winos, and more. Read on and pick something out that would make the lady in your life proud.

by Erika Owen

State Dish Towels

This is perfect if you live far away from home — buy a pair matching your zip code and she’ll be reminded of you every time she uses them. (Bonus points for thoughtfulness.)

State Dish Towels, $20, Uncommon Goods

Pear Fruit Basket

This bin was made for Mother’s Day gift-giving — fill it up with momma’s favorite produce and top it with a bunch of her favorite flowers.

Pear Fruit Basket, $10.99, Fab

Face Mug

I can vouch for these — my brother bought me a pair for Christmas and they get tons of use. After all, everyone needs a cleverly designed item to enjoy their cookies in. Bake a batch of her favorite variety, too.

Face Mug, $8, Amazon

Tipsy Wine Glasses

Give her a reason to giggle at her next wine date with her lady friends. (Plus, you’ll get to use them while you’re home — double win.)

Tipsy Wine Glasses, $20, Amazon


It’s common knowledge that moms love hosting. Help keep the night’s bottle of whine cool all through the dinner party.

Corkcicle, $25, Amazon

Drip Tease Petite Mug

I’ve had my eye on these for my own mother for a while (hope you’re not reading, Mama Owen). Reiko Kaneko’s designs are all stunning and some even allow for a customized monogram.

Drip Tease Petite Mug, £13.50 (around $23), Reiko Kaneko

Star Wars Wall Art

This is for those nerdy moms out there. Customized wall art with Star Wars flair that includes the whole family? There’s no going wrong with this one.

Star Wars Wall Art, $24, Etsy

Oak Wood Multi-Seed Dibber

Don’t worry, I had no idea what a dribber was either. (You use it in gardening to poke holes in the ground for seeds.) Spoil the green thumb in your life with something she’ll use over and over.

Oak Wood Multi-Seed Dibber, $14.95, Kaufmann Mercantile

Tool Bottle Opener

There are all kinds of mothers out there. If yours is a maker, she might appreciate this beer-drinking essential that would look right at home in her tool box.

Tool Bottle Opener, $25, Poketo

Mast Brothers Sea Salt Chocolate Bar

Justifying a $10 candy bar for yourself might be tough, but dropping the dough on someone you love just as much as chocolate is a lot easier. The Mast Bros. make all kinds of flavors — chili pepper might be my favorite.

Mast Brothers Sea Salt Chocolate Bar, $10, Mast Brothers

Campfire Cologne

If your ma is more of an outdoorswoman, help her bring the campfire (smell) inside with these lighting sticks. With a little imagination, she’ll swear she’s outside prepping for some s’mores.

Campfire Calogne, $13, Campfire Cologne

Terrain Vase

She’ll need a pretty place for those Mother’s Day flowers you got her. Right?

Terrain Vase, $22.95, MoMA Design Store

Josh Holinaty Wallet

Poketo is known for its plastic, pop-arty wallets. This particular design was curated by Jeff Hamada, editor of design website Booooooom.

Josh Holinaty Wallet, $12, Poketo

Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbana Soy Candle

These candles will smell up an entire room (in a good way). You might want to get her a few — she’ll burn through them quick!

Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbana Soy Candle (2-pack), $20, Amazon

Heart Studs

What better way to share your love than with a pair of adorable heart-shaped earrings? There isn’t one (aside from the other 24 gifts on this list).

Heart Studs, $22, Fab

Cat Sticky Memos

For the constant note-taker (and cat lover) in your life.

Cat Sticky Memos, $9, Amazon

Gangster Onesie

Some moms may not appreciate (or understand) the irony, but I know there are a few out there. Give a new mom a much-needed laugh with this baby gift.

Gangster Onesie, $20, Raygun

Ceramic Hedgehog Planter

Not only is it shaped like a hedgehog (which, in my own opinion, is the most adorable animal on the planet), this planter fits just about anything — air plants, mini cacti, succulents. Pre-plant it with her favorite for a thoughtful touch.

Ceramic Hedgehog Planter, $10, West Elm

Pinestripe Comb

This comb is the same size as a credit card and fits into wallets with ease. Of course, your mom is always looking her best (make sure to tell her that, too), but just in case…

Pinestrip Comb, $10, Fab

Origami Swan Catch-All Dish

Everyone needs a place for those tiny, random trinkets we seem to collect throughout the day. So why not give your mom the prettiest place to store them?

Origami Catch-All Dish, $14.99, Urban Outfitters


You know, the moment when you’ve got everything chopped up to your liking and an almost-big-enough bowl to pour it all in? Problem solved.

Chop2Pot, $16, Amazon

Jasmine & Sweet Pea Hand Shit

Lotion is always a safe bet when it comes to giving gifts. Might as well make it the best of the best with this balm from Hand Shit.

Jasmine & Sweet Pea Hand Shit, $24, Blue Q

Indestructible Nursery Rhyme Book Set

Share this set of indestructible nursery rhymes with the new mom in your life. They’re made from the same material used to make shipping envelopes, and they’re easily washable.

Indestructible Nursery Rhyme Book Set, $25, Uncommon Goods

60-Hour Candle

I’d imagine that a mother/novelist type would love to set this atop her messy desk and pen her memoirs by candlelight.

60-Hour Candle, $28, Amazon

Dessert and Baking Salts

With flavors like vanilla cardamom, blueberry, rose peppercorn, and espresso, your mom can up her kitchen game.

Dessert and Baking Salts, $19, Uncommon Goods