Ross From 'Friends' Is You On Turkey Day

Ahh, Thanksgiving: a day to eat your entire weight in turkey and mashed potatoes and, if you're like me, spend time with your closest pals: Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, and Ross. Having a marathon of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes is a tradition in itself, sort of like eating pumpkin pie or watching as your great aunt has too much wine and airs out her grievances with her husband (just me?). While Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with everyone's favorite Manhattanites, there's only one Friends character who really gets you on Thanksgiving, and that's Ross Geller.

Sure, Monica may be frantic about the turkey and Rachel may occasionally screw up dessert, but if there's anyone who understands your holiday struggles, it's Ross. (It's certainly not Chandler; he hates Thanksgiving so much that he eats chicken instead of turkey. Blasphemy!) Maybe it's because Ross is just a touch neurotic. Or perhaps it's because he doesn't take any BS. No matter the reason for his relatable outlook, what matters is, we are all Ross deep down inside. That's exactly why remembering these nine Friends moments will help you survive any Thanksgiving crisis, big or small. Just remember: Ross caaaaan.

1. When Someone Dips A Finger Into Your Homemade Mashed Potatoes

That is not a finger food, nor is it your personal bowl.

2. When Someone Brings Up Politics At The Dinner Table

So... did anyone see Crimson Peak?

3. When The Person In Charge Of Dessert Brings A Jello Mold

That is not an acceptable Thanksgiving dessert.

4. When Your Mom Refers To Your New S.O. By Your Ex's Name

Your brain is freaking out and someone else needs to talk right this second or you will die.

5. When The Turkey Burns & It's All Your Fault

The parade was on! There was a new balloon this year! Stop yelling, Grandma!

6. When You Realize You Greatly Underestimated The Amount Of Side Dishes You Would Need

There has to be more! People really only need one spoonful of stuffing... right?

7. When Your Sister Offers To Whip Up Some Extra Green Beans

A for effort, but you fear there will be an F for execution.

8. When You Break Down At The End Of The Night

Only Ross is willing to acknowledge the stress that Thanksgiving can bring, and with his help, you'll be thankful to make it to Black Friday.

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