Why Does Gigi Hadid Hate Facials?

Just because she's a model doesn't mean she wants to rock a full face of makeup when off duty or while walking red carpets or that she indulges in expensive, experimental treatments. Model Gigi Hadid shared her beauty secrets, revealing that she is actually pretty simple when it comes to her routine. Hadid doesn't do facials nor does she like to wear tons of product. The newly-single blonde beauty also explained the cute and quirky reasons for her aversion to these things in a short but sweet, eye-opening chat with W.

Hadid is well on her way to achieving Cindy Crawford-like levels of supermodeldom. Yet it's refreshing to hear her get real about why she doesn't cover her natural beauty with tons of product.

She revealed that she is like so many of us lazy girls who don't have the time or inclination to do a full face all of the time. Remember her recent makeup-free selfie in bed from last week?

"I wish I had the energy to do full makeup, honestly," Hadid mused, noting that many of her peers are all about the full face. "I just don't. Sometimes when I am feeling cute or got to sleep in, I'll do a little tinted moisturizer."

Hadid also copped to relying on her signatures, which are minimalist. "A nude lip is always cool," she said about her go-to looks.

She continued, "I go for a contour and an eye usually. But if I am feeling really excited, I might put some lipstick on, like a red.”

Hadid confessed that she is working on being more adventurous on the red carpet, since she was always so comfortable just being "bronzy with a nude lip."

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now that we know about her color secrets, what about skincare? Well, judging by her body language and the look on her face, she wasn't being facetious about being anti-facial. She is legit not into them since she doesn't want an esthetician all up in her grill.

"I hate facials," she declared. "I am so scared of them. I don't want someone touching my face. I get claustrophobic."

Well, lucky for Hadid, she has youth and good genes on her side and doesn't have to worry about getting facials at this stage in her life. Plus, there are so many at-home, do-it-yourself options and products, and tools like Clarisonic brushes.

She can go forth without having her personal space encroached upon for beauty treatments!

Image: W (1)