7 Awesome Moments From 'James Deen Loves Food'

Hey fans of the realest, sexiest — but least skeeziest — male porn star around, do you know how much James Deen Loves Food? If you watch his (mostly) SFW show on WoodRocket then you probably do, as his captivating on camera hijinks reveal a deeply meaningful connection with not-so-fine fare.

Deen's show is kind of like a studlier, less bro-y Epic Mealtime, where the adult film actor goofs off and (sometimes), when the mood strikes, struts around in various states of undress. But let's back up a bit and sing Deen's praises some more. Beyond the whole acting-in-porn-thing, the 29-year-old star is also known for his philanthropy (he donated 50 percent of profits from his website towards breast cancer research during Breast Cancer Awareness Month), and real talk about sex ed, orgasms, and the porn industry. On top of the hot bod and bedroom skills seems to be an actual good dude, you know?

So if you're a fan (and who isn't?), and you can't quite get your fill of Deen — particularly if you want to watch him at work or in an environment that isn't conducive to masturbation — then his online epicurean explorations might be for you. Check out seven of the best moments from his show James Deen Loves Food (as if you need that many reasons to check it out).

1. Naked Bacon

OK, so unlike most episodes of James Deen Loves Food which are very SFW, this one shows Deen cooking a pound of bacon, with his baconator in full view.

2. Halloween Costumes And Candy Corn

Deen gets down with a host of fun size snacks and disses on candy corn, all while trying on a variety of cheesy (and gender bending) Halloween costumes.

3. Kiddie Pool Full Of Cereal

James Deen fills a kiddie pool with a plethora of sugary cereals from the grocery store, pours out gallon upon gallon of milk into said pool, and then goes to town with a ladle.

4. Butter Taste Test

Deen tries 18 different types of butter...straight from the package, with nary a piece of bread in sight.

5. Ketchup Taste Test

Like the butter tasting episode but kinda grosser, this installment has Deen squirting a variety of ketchups directly into his mouth. Nobody can say he isn't a committed performer.

6. Cream Pie

It's not quite what you're thinking, but this episode, where Deen and his topless friend Dixie make a Boston cream pie, is still pretty sexually charged.

7. Pizza Sausage

Like many of us, Deen has tried sausage and sausage pizza, but pizza sausage? That's totally radical. In this video, Deen throws an entire pizza into a food processor, and then injects it slowly into animal casing to make his own sausage. Spoiler alert: the results are pretty gnarly.

Editor's note: Since the publication of this article, James Deen has been accused of sexual assault by several women.

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