This App Gives You A 3D Manicure

Do you ever encounter something so startlingly gaudy, so diamond encrusted, so lacy and frilly that your leopard print bath robe and old hot pink tracksuit that you still wear as pajamas seem not only colorless, but restrained? Well, prepare yourself, because HelloGiggles reports that you can now superimpose 3D holograms over your manicure and share the, shall we say, visually stimulating results with your friends (because no one will believe 3D nail holograms exist otherwise). Metaverse Nails has released MM Nails, an app that, with the purchase of coordinating press-on MM nails, will allow you to add the bling of the future to your manicure.

Like a good journalist, I immediately downloaded the app to see if I could fool it with my sparkly princess manicure. Unfortunately Metaverse is employing programmers that know what they're doing, and I was unable to convince the program I had spent $22 on the appropriate leopard print press-on nails, although it did allow me to take pictures of my hands and even offered to let me share them. (On a side note — who would have thought that taking a manicure shot would be so difficult?) According to Metaverse on Instagram, my nails are missing out on a pink lamb, a maneki neko, emojis, and a black skull with a halo of bullets.

This is the future of nail art, people.

I believe stranger than fiction is an understatement here.

It turns out that while MM Nails is the first app of its kind, there is a treasure trove of bling-tastic seflie apps on the web. In the name of good reporting, I tried a few out.

1. Qttie.JP

Out of all the apps I tried, Qttie.JP was my favorite. It allows you to make your eyes bigger, change your hair and eye color, but most importantly, it has an impressive library of stickers, of which I made use of here. if you can read Japanese, it also has a social media platform, and can be downloaded in the Apple App store.

2. PriCam

This app offers a built-in "Pretty Skin Beautifier" and plenty of stamps to distract from your pretty beautified skin. Can you tell I like flowers? It's available for iOS and Android.

3. Decopic

Similar to PriCam and Qttie.JP, Decopic offers filters, stamps, text, and borders to customize your selfie. It's available for iOS and Android.

4. Tomoto

This app is promises to make you more beautiful in one second, and I have never felt more beautiful in my life than I do looking at this selfie. It's only available for iOS users, and to unlock most of the content, you'll have to pay $0.99.

5. Picute

If you have the hankering to play plastic surgeon (I didn't because I thought I would look stupid, but obviously I didn't hesitate to surround myself with macaroons and ice cream), Picute offers its own version of the liquefy tool, alongside stamps and filters. Both iOS and Android users have access to the app.

6. Girls Camera

There is a lot of bling potential in this app, and you can see I went a little overboard. It also boasts a hefty photo editor that you can use if you're so inclined. It's available for iOS and Android.

7. Snapchat

Living in the Dark Ages with my iPhone 4s, my phone doesn't support the lenses feature, but others have written about it before, and I hear it's pretty useful. Pick it up it for iOS or Android.

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Images: Screenshot/Vimeo, Metaversenails/Instagram, Rose Warner/Bustle(7)