These Are The Best Heels For Walking In The Snow

If you want to wear heels this winter, I say you should absolutely go for it and do what makes you happy. Since even the cutest snow boots can get really boring if you have to wear them every single day, I scouted out the best heels to walk in the snow so you can look fabulous while strutting down that snow-covered street. Stay safe out there!

Regardless of the pair of heels you want to wear, it's especially important to walk in them correctly to avoid a fall. I've already talked about the essential tips for wearing heels I learned back in my pageant days, but a few of the tips are extra crucial for when the ground might be slick! First and foremost, definitely take a piece of sandpaper to the bottom of your heels to "rough" them up a bit and create tread if they don't already have any on the bottom. Additionally, when walking, make sure to swing your hips wide and take confident strides. You'll be better balanced, as teetering along makes you way more likely to end up with your ass on the pavement. And a final practical tip? Try to walk close to other people or railings to cling to in case you do fall (hey, it's gonna be slippery, no matter what).

Once you've nailed the walk, finding the right kind of heel is key. Here are seven of the best, snow-ready heels on the market.

1. Block Heel Chelsea Boots

Block Heel Chelsea Boots, $157.99, Hunter

Hunters reign supreme in Manhattan, and these heeled snow boots prove why. Beyond being super cute, they're 100 percent waterproof and have lots of ridging on the bottom to keep you from slipping.

2. Ankle Strap Pumps

'Okala' Pump, $129.95, Sam Edelman

Glamourous Heels suggests reaching for pumps with straps. They ensure your feet stay in the shoes, plus offer extra support to prevent wobbliness.

3. Waterproof Block Heel

Waterproof Block Heel, $198, Cole Haan

If you know things are gonna get slushy, reach for this super sleek pair of waterproof block heels.

4. Kitten Heels

Metallic Kitten Heels, $68.99, J Crew Factory

Let's be real, the closer you are to the ground, the easier it will be to walk. Kitten heels are a solid option if you're committed to wearing a "real" heel out.

5. Lace Up

Lili Waterproof, $185, Blondo

Being able to pull your shoe tight and knot it up means you won't slide around. Bonus points for the fact these gorgeous heeled boots are waterproof!

6. Platform

HESTER Heeled Sandals, $37.50, Asos

Since they combine all the height of heels with all the stability of flats, platforms are a solid snow day option. These open toed ones would be super fun to pair with chunky tights.

7. Wedge

Cate the Great Wedge, $260, SOREL

Another surefire way to add heel stability is opting for wedges. This pair from Sorrel is waterproof, extra insulated, and generally just straight up my favorite pair of boots. Now get walking!

Images: Courtesy of Brands