Kim K Might Want To Take This Skincare Advice

The Kardashians and Jenners are about as diverse as a family can get as far as personalities go. Sure, they might have similar styles, but no two sisters are exactly alike when it comes to their beauty routines. While Kim Kardashian recently admitted to sometimes sleeping in her makeup like her idol Charlotte Tilbury, her sister has the opposite approach. Kylie Jenner shared some beauty tips via her app, and one of them involves, well, washing her face. If you ask me, it sounds like Kardashian should be taking some advice from her little sis.

For those of you who don't pay a monthly fee to hear all about the life of Jenner, let me catch you up on the star's top beauty tips. Because how could you go on with your life without knowing that Jenner uses avocado eye cream? She recently made a video for her app where she talks all about her beauty routine, and there was one piece of advice that would benefit anyone — even her big sister.

"Wash your face every night and get all your makeup off," Jenner said. "And don't forget because it's really bad to sleep in makeup."

This sounds similar to Jenner's big sister Kendall, who washes her face every morning and night, and it's no wonder both ladies abide by this rule — it's definitely a solid tip. As for the rest of her skincare advice, it gets a little pricey.

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"My mom always taught me this growing up, because a man always looks at a woman's nails. Just get them done," Jenner says. "Gels are good because they last really long."

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According to Cosmopolitan, she goes on to say that you should always wear sunscreen and she recommends using coconut oil pulling for whiter teeth, although the publication casts some doubt on that second tidbit, writing, "New York cosmetic dentist Marc Lowenberg says that although oil pulling (the act of swishing oil in your mouth for up to 20 minutes) might have its benefits, whitening isn't one of them."

Even though Jenner has a different approach to skincare than her big sis Kim K, they still have a lot in common. I wouldn't say that the two are completely alike, but you can definitely tell that they are kindred style souls. Just look at all the fabulous beauty trends they've both rocked.

1. On-Point Couples Styling

Jenner looked gorgeous as she posed alongside her boyfriend Tyga.

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Kim K and Kanye also killed it at fashion week. Sure, they might not be matching, but both look equally flawless.

2. Natural Glam Makeup

Jenner's latest closet selfie showed off some gorgeous makeup that was subtle, yet still had a pop of glam.

Kardashian is a pro at this look, and odds are she taught her sister a thing or two about makeup over the years.

3. High Fashion Heels

Having a love for heels definitely runs in this family.

Kardashian is clearly a heel expert.

4. Flawless Lipstick

Kardashian supported Jenner through her whole lip filler ordeal, and it wouldn't surprise me if she was the one who taught her baby sis about all things lipstick.

5. Monochrome Madness

Monochrome isn't a Jenner signature, but when she does know how to rock the look.

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Kardashian, on the other hand, has always been a fan of wearing one-colored ensembles.

6. Shoe Obsession

After growing up with Kardashian as a big sister, it's no surprise that the teen is obsessed with shoes.

They might not have the same beauty routine, but Kardashian and Jenner are more alike than you might think.

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