Which "Get Weird" Song Should You Listen To First?

If you're not listening to Little Mix already, what are you waiting for? I'm an unabashed pop music fan, but it's hard to find mainstream groups that are doing something totally creative and unique while simultaneously being incredibly catchy and listenable. That's where Little Mix comes in, because they tick all the above boxes and then some, and I absolutely love them. Now that Little Mix's new album Get Weird is out, we've got even more to obsess over: 16 amazing tracks (deluxe edition, say what!) that you're going to seriously struggle to get out of your head anytime soon. But if you're new to the girl group or just to Get Weird, how do you know which tracks to listen to first? Sure, you could listen to the album start to finish, but if you want to mix things up and get to the very best songs first, I'm here to help.

It's hard to pick which tracks stick out the most, because I can honestly say after about four full listens to Get Weird, that pretty much every single song is a solid 10. However, for the purposes of making your busy life easier, I'll try to be democratic and hook you up with the best possible layout for the album possible.

#1. "Lightning"

I'm not really sure what it is about "Lightning" that's so, so good, but it just is (and you'll know exactly what I mean as soon as you listen to it). It's got this ridiculous backbeat and the production is just stellar — thanks, TroyBoi!

#2. "I Won't"

It's an absolute sin that "I Won't" is only a bonus track and not on the main album, because I nearly put it in the #1 spot. It's a complete and total jam and will have you clapping and dancing around your apartment in no time (at least it did me).

#3. "Love Me Like You"

If you've never listened to "Love Me Like You" through headphones or really, really good speakers, I implore you to go do that immediately. The retro feel to this one, along with the immaculate production, makes it an absolute stand out on the album and in their entire careers. A+ from me.

#4. "Hair"

The first time I heard "Hair" a few months ago, I thought it was pretty silly and way too literal... but then I realize that's exactly the point and I absolutely love it. It's the perfect empowerment song for women who just got rid of no good partners who didn't cherish them the way they deserved, and I love it.

#5. "Love Me Or Leave Me"

Time to slow it down for a good old fashioned ballad, and "Love Me Or Leave Me" shows off how far the girls have come vocally (and oh man, have they come far). Their voices really shine in this track and the result is heartbreaking and beautiful.

#6. "Black Magic"

The album's lead single deserves its place on this list, because it's downright pop perfection, no questions asked.

#7. "Clued Up"

This is another bonus track and it happens to have been written by the girls in collaboration with Jessie J (and a few others), and it's a nice acoustic breakdown.

#8. "Weird People"

An anthem about embracing all the stuff that makes you weird/different from everyone else? What's not to love? ("Nothing" is the answer you're looking for here.)

#9. "OMG"

Another strong female anthem about being a hot tamale that all the boys can't help but fall for. Sure, there's more than life to cute guys, but we all like to feel like the total babes that we are, and this song is a perfect celebration of that fact, in the most playful way possible.

#10. "The End"

Let's just listen to the girls perform this one a cappella and you can figure out for yourself how good it is.

#11. "Grown"

This one was co-written by Jess Glynne and you can totally tell. It's got that badass, aggressive vibe (in the best possible way), but it's not quite one of my favorites. It's still totally solid, though.

#12. "I Love You"

This reminds me of '90s R&B in the best possible way (even though it's not really R&B at all) and the vocals are like BUTTER.

#13. "A.D.I.D.A.S."

This is basically Little Mix's coming out song as grown women who enjoy sex. Get yours, ladies.

#14. "The Beginning"

This is another bonus song, and it could have been skipped altogether, really. It's sweet that they're chronicling their time together as a group and their strong friendship that's come from it, but I'm not really feeling it.

#15. "Secret Love Song" (featuring Jason Derulo)

Even Jason Derulo can't save this song. It's just... not good.

#16. "Secret Love Song, Pt. II"

Let's just say it didn't need a part two. I'll leave it at that.

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