The 'PLL' Cast Looks Awesome In New Trailer

A lot can change in five years, for anyone, but for these ladies, especially. The newest trailer for Pretty Little Liars season 6B was just released, and boy is there a lot to look forward to! From finding out how the girls’ lives have been since learning who “A” was to their latest beauty looks, there are many, many reasons why I’m going to be watching as soon as this season starts on Jan. 12.

Hanna and Emily seem to have stuck to their signature styles all these years, because they’re both still rocking the same hairstyles. If it works, it works, you know? Ally and Mona haven’t changed much, either. Alison will forever be the girl with the long blonde locks and Mona seems to be keeping her beautiful long brown hair. And the nightmares? Yeah, she’s held on to those, too, unfortunately. Spencer and Aria, on the other hand, have switched things up a bit. Spencer’s got incredible bangs and Aria has a bronde ‘do, because there’s nothing like going to art school to make you want to dye your hair.

Check out the video to see their looks and get excited for all at season 6B will have to offer. Can it be January already?

I can't wait to watch!

1. Hanna

This look is completely typical. This friend group is constantly looking confused, plus Hannah's still got her blonde hair. Some things never change.

2. Emily

Emily's still got her long brown hair, but she looks great, so I can't say I blame her.

3. Alison

Yep, she's still got those long curls. Her eye makeup is looking good here, too.

4. Mona

Still rocking the middle part, but if I could pull that off, I'd keep that style, too.

5. Spencer

She is working those bangs.

6. Aria

This blonde color is great on her. Another win for brondes, am I right?

I'm excited for all of the fashion, beauty and, of course, suspense that another season of PLL will inevitably bring.

Images: Screengrab/Youtube (7); Giphy (1)