Is "I Won't" The Most Personal Little Mix Song?

Pause your constant rotation of Little Mix's Get Weird because we need to talk about the album. More specifically, we need to talk about a bonus track called "I Won't," the most personal song off of Get Weird , according to Leigh-Anne Pinnock. With a range of songs from which to choose, including the stripped-down "Clued Up" and the breakup anthem "Hair," it's an interesting choice. Do you think the honor applies?

“We wrote that with Jess Glynne,” Pinnock told Fuse of the the song. “That was at a time when we were in the studio, and literally, we couldn’t write a single and couldn’t produce anything that we thought was good enough. It was really annoying. But that happens, you get writer’s block, and it was a bit of a low moment for us. Jess Glynne was like, ‘Come on girls, let’s just write something.’ And then we wrote 'I Won’t.' It definitely uplifted us.”

There's no denying that some of the lyrics are extremely personal and fit in with the album's overall theme of empowerment. "I got my pride, my self-respect / Need nothing more, want nothing less," they sing. "Cause all that I got should be enough to make it work / Cause all that I want is to love and just be loved."

While other songs on the album appear to be about specific situations, "I Won't" has an overarching feel of triumphing when things get rough. And, in case you need an extra boost of inspiration from the girls, just listen to them chant "Hold your head up, see the daylight / Hold your head up cause, your future's looking bright."

As far as earning the title "most personal," I think it fits. In any scenario, these lyrics can apply. There's no telling exactly what inspired "Hair" or if Little Mix's experience with the music industry qualifies as being more personal than any other source of inspiration. However, it's the enduring spirit of "I Won't" that can carry fans through any situation — and that makes it pretty darn personal.