Gigi Hadid Has Excellent Gym Style

Ballet by day and kickboxing by night — this model has her routine down pat. Gigi Hadid wore a cropped jacket while boxing, and it gave me so much fitspiration. If she can workout and look that stylish at the same time, then maybe the rest of us can, too, you know? If there’s one person I’d trust to improve my gym gear, it’d definitely be Hadid.

Once you see Hadid’s cropped bomber style jacket, I think you’ll feel inspired to elevate your gym wear, too. I mean, a baggy t-shirt is cool and all, but this extra poofy jacket takes workout wear to a whole other level. She paired her jacket with tights by Splits59 and looked totally cool. Based on the video Hadid posted to Instagram, this jacket still allows for the ability to move around quite easily, just in case you were wondering. The best part about this bomber, IMO, is that it can be worn outside of the gym, as well. So, whether you’re actually going to get your fitness on or you’re just, you know, going to grab a coffee, you can totally still wear this.

Amp up your errand running game, your workout game, or both with these jackets that are either cropped, bomber style or super poofy. You’ll be well on your way to Hadid status with these kick-butt outerwear options.

Boxing skills and style skills are a lethal combination.

1. Cropped Bomber

Mini Cream Cropped Bomber Jacket, $175.57, ASOS

This black cropped jacket has the same vibe as Hadid's.

2. Half & Half

Adigirl Team Issue Fleece Jacket, $90, Adidas

Half wind-breaker material, half sweat pant material — this jacket is the ultimate in comfort. Plus, it'd be great for working out in.

3. Varsity Jacket

Varsity-Striped Baseball Jacket, $22.90, Forever 21+

Knock it out of the park (style-wise) in this baseball-style jacket.

4. Patterned Jacket

Windbomber Jacket, $180, Nike

Cute and lightweight, there's no reason not to wear this on your way to the gym (or, like, Target).

5. Padded Jacket

High Neck Padded Jacket, $35.83, ASOS Curve

Sleek and soft because of the padding, I'd never take this off.

6. So Poofy

Padded Collarless Jacket, $107.49, ASOS

How could you turn down the opportunity to basically wear a down comforter?

Go out there and channel your inner Hadid.

Gym game strong.

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