Corduroy Will Make You Fall In Love With Winter

Colder weather is here to stay for a while, so might as well take advantage of it by shopping the fabrics that you don’t get to wear year-round. Corduroy is a perfect winter fabric because it’s thick and soft and sure to keep you warm in freezing temps. It’s super versatile, so you can find a variety of different pieces made in the fabric. Corduroy pants, shirts and even coats are must-haves this time of year.

I wouldn’t even be opposed to an all-over corduroy look. You can do it with suede so why not with this, too, you know? Hey, just a suggestion. Feel free to do whatever you like with your cord pieces because there’s really no wrong way to wear them. With a plethora of fun color options at your disposal, you can choose a piece that will make quite the statement. And since it’s not exactly a fabric you can wear any time of the year, why not do it up big when you do wear it, you know?

If you’re feeling the whole corduroy thing, then I’m glad we’re on the same page. Shop these items and more for a perfectly soft and warm ensemble that you can transition from fall to winter. Summer’s great and all, but you’re going to miss this texture once warmer months are here again.

1. Pants

Major Cord Progression Pants, $65, ModCloth

These burgundy pants are perfect for pairing with your sweaters this time of year.

2. Dress

Corduroy Sack Dress, $69, Urban Outfitters

Throw on some tights and tall boots, and you'll be nothing but cozy in this dress.

3. Skirt

Mini Skirt In Corduroy, $39, ASOS

Don't you just love that vibrant blue?

4. Shorts

Lace Up Corduroy Short, $54, Urban Outfitters

Be super on-trend with this pair of lace-up corduroy shorts.

5. Leggings

Plus Size Corduroy Stretch Leggings, $24, Macy's

Because who doesn't love a good sweater and leggings combo, you know?

6. Shirt

Plus Size Corduroy Shirt, $59, Land's End

Yes, corduroy button downs exist for all of your layering needs.

7. Overcoat

Cord Duster Coat, $198, Free People

Even your outerwear can come in this wonderful fabric.

8. Baseball Hat

Corduroy Baseball Hat, $24, Urban Outfitters

Forget beanies. Why not wear corduroy hats this winter?

9. Overalls

Super Fly Overalls, $150, Free People

Corduroy overalls are too cool.

Get all suited up in your cord gear. You're sure to be wearing it all winter long.

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Images: Courtesy Brands (9)