Drunk Uncle Loves Donald Trump On 'SNL' & It's All Just A Little Too Real

It's no secret that Saturday Night Live's Bobby Moynihan does a mean drunk uncle impression. On this Saturday's "Weekend Update" sketch, Moynihan took on SNL host Donald Trump, and we learned that Drunk Uncle is a fan of Trump, which also shouldn't be a surprise, as drunk uncles everywhere probably agreed with his spiel loud and clear. (Though, this sort of debunks Bustle's original theory that Drunk Uncle and Donald Trump are the same person.)

Right off the bat, Drunk Uncle seemed like he was in a good mood for Saturday's segment. As it turns out, the fictional Drunk Uncle exuded joy amidst his inebriation at the thought of none other than Trump. (Side note: Feelings for Trump aside, a happy drunk uncle is a good drunk uncle, am I right?).

Finally, Colin, someone has been saying the things that I have been thinking… as well as saying.

Not only is Drunk Uncle a fan of Trump, though. He seems to identify with Trump on a deeper level. Even in his drunken state, he was able to stammer on and on about the way that Trump that has resonated with him.

It's like, I mean, it's like I'm running for president. You know? I mean, it's like we have a million things in common.

What on Earth could your drunk uncle and one of the richest men in the world have in common? Well, for one, they both say what they're thinking without a filter, even when it comes to offending women, transgender men and women, and, at least in Trump's case, a fair amount of voters.

According to Drunk Uncle, though, their commonalities might be a little more surface-level. For example, they both love white Russians. (Fingers crossed he meant the cocktail… but then again, it's Drunk Uncle and Trump we're talking about, so who knows.)

His dad gave him a million-dollar loan. I told my dad I love him and he told me to leave him alone.

So maybe Trump and SNL's Drunk Uncle don't actually have that much in common. But, as I'm sure any sober niece knows, there's no convincing your drunk uncle to love Trump any less. After all, there's no way Drunk Uncle could hate Obamacare (and many other current policies) any more. When "Weekend Update" co-host Colin Jost suggested that Drunk Uncle get a mole checked out, Drunk Uncle was (unsurprisingly) not having it:

And let Obamacare win? Not on my Swatch.

As with any good Drunk Uncle (or drunk uncle) scenario, the sketch included some non-Trump-related rants about the "kids today." It was all fun and games — accurate fun and games at that — and then Drunk Uncle had to go and say something about Caitlyn Jenner. Yeah, you just stick to what you know, which apparently is Donald Trump.