Find Out Which 'Love Actually' Character You Are

There are so many characters in Love Actually, it can sometimes be hard to pick a favorite. Are you a hopeless romantic? A heartbroken cynic? Are you in love with your best friend's girlfriend, a la "Jessie's Girl"? No matter your romantic affliction, the 2003 holiday movie has got a relatable story line for you. I would even argue that which Love Actually character you are (at least according to my very scientific study below) means a lot about your personality and the status of your life.

The fact that the cast of Love Actually is so large and spans 10 different story lines is my favorite thing about the film. After a heartbreak, I am for sure drawn to and can relate to Colin Firth's Jamie. I have had super intense solo dance parties like Hugh Grant's Prime Minister, and I have run through an airport to declare my love to my grade school crush. OK, that last one is not exactly true, but I can totally relate to Sam's enthusiasm and sweet romantic nature.

The holidays are a great time for self-reflection. The year is nearly ending and new beginnings are abounding. So while it might be tough, give it a try and find out: what does your favorite Love Actually character say about you? The answer might surprise you.


You are constantly putting the needs of your family and friends above your own. This can sometimes be an extreme detriment to your social life. Your next New Year's resolution should be to find a better balance between work, home, and going out. And next time there is a super hot Brazilian man in your life, don't be afraid to make the first move!


You are an extremely creative and sensitive person. You are constantly falling in love with people who are unavailable and totally wrong for you. Your sensitive nature can lead you to acting distant towards some, but it is all in an attempt to protect your heart from getting hurt. Keep trying, you'll find the right person!


People are constantly falling in love with you. You are a people person who wants to be liked by everyone.You are sweet and have an infectious smile. You greatest trait is your loyalty. Even when someone new declares their feelings, you remain true and steadfast to your beloved.

Billy Mack

People call you a free spirit and a wild child. You are a rock star and often take center stage at social gatherings.You sometimes forget about the feelings of those around you in favor of your own selfish desires. You also have a habit of over-looking those close to you, but deep down, you love them — you just aren't the best at showing it.


If a friend is sobbing her eyes out because her boyfriend dumped her, you are the first one there with some sage advice and a loving hug. Yet you are the quintessential snarky mom of your friend group. You are always there to provide a helping hand, but only after cracking a joke first.


You are in the middle of a quarter-life crisis. The things you once loved have lost their interest and you have begun to question a lot of the choices you have made in your life. In times like these, be sure to lean on your family. They love and support you and will forgive you for any misdeeds.


You often bottle up your emotions. You feel that you have to be strong in crisis for the sake of those around you. You are a steadfast provider and extremely protective of your family. Your loved ones come first, which is great, but it's important that you take some time for yourself. And remember to have some fun — you've earned it!


People have often told you that you are an old soul or wise beyond your years. You believe in the healing power of love and will go to great length (including compromising national security) to show your devotion. You will never give up on love, no matter what obstacles are put in your way.


You are a natural born leader. You were captain of the soccer team in high school and you have a take-charge personality. People follow your lead because they trust your instincts and wise decision making. Even with all this responsibility and admiration, you sometimes doubt yourself — don't do that. You are an amazing person who stands up for what you believe is right, and you have top-notch dance moves.


If you identify with Jamie, you are successful in many aspects of you life — you have a great family, a fulfilling career, and you are financially secure. With that said, you are extremely unlucky in love. You are a serial monogamist who jumps from one intense relationship to another. Maybe next time a relationship ends, you should take some time and focus on yourself!

Whichever character you are, it's clear that Love Actually has had a deep impact on all of us.

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