The Next 'Vanderpump Rules' Wedding May Be Far Off

One of the best ongoing storylines on Vanderpump Rules was Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz's relationship saga. These two have been dating for a while, so long that Katie was literally begging for a proposal (Tom kept getting cold feet). But that’s no more — they’re now engaged! Of course, now the question is, when are Katie and Tom getting married? Since it took them years to get engaged, will they be tying the knot tout suite or taking their sweet time to stroll down the aisle?

According to E! Online, Tom finally popped the question at his birthday dinner in Los Angeles, surrounded by all of their Vanderpump pals. Designed by Tom and celebrity jeweler Kyle Chan, the ring features a “2-carat pear-shape champagne diamond in 14-karat rose gold.” It’s seriously gorg, and I’m seriously happy for these two. If you watched Vanderpump Rules, you know all of the missteps and misgivings it took to get Katie and Tom here. Sometimes, you just have to wait for the right time before you can fully commit, and it seems that Katie and Tom are on their way to a beautiful life spent together. So what kind of plans have they locked down so far?

In an interview with Brides, Katie revealed that not much has been set in stone for the Maloney/Schwartz nuptials. “We've been together for so long and we've been waiting for this next step for a while now and I want to enjoy it,” she told the magazine. I can’t blame her — I’d want to relish the moments as long as I could, too. Katie also said that she likes a lacey, vintage vibe for her wedding, and that she — like every other engaged person I know — has a plethora of pins on a Pinterest board to gather inspo for the event.

Katie told Us Weekly that she has some serious help for when she does start planning, friend and Vanderpump Rules co-star Scheana Shay. Of Scheana, Katie said, “she’s definitely been a beacon of inspiration since she just got married last year. [She's] shed a lot of light on the cost of things and I'm already getting nervous about that!" Well all know how grossly expensive a wedding is, so I hope Tom and Katie are saving up!

I really like Tom and Katie’s approach to their impending nuptials — keeping them impending, that is. When you’re planning what is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, why bother to rush it? If I were Katie, I would want every detail just so: the dress, the flowers, the space, etc. After all, she certainly waited for it long enough. When you’re going to spend the rest of your life together, there is no need to rush to plan a wedding. Take time! Enjoy! Maybe they’ll even get married on Vanderpump Rules like Scheana did and we’ll all get to watch it on Bravo. If Andy Cohen has anything to say about it, I’m sure that will be the case.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo