The Best Memes Inspired By The "UFO Sighting"

I believed that aliens existed ever since doing a project on Roswell, and it seems that the supposed UFO sighting on the West Coast this weekend has gotten a lot of people on the same page. Finally! I was so tired of being the only person in my family or group of friends that had anything to say on the matter. Every time this came up as a dinner conversation topic, I would come across as some crazy conspiracy theorist. When you come from a family of Russian doctors, engineers, and scientists, saying that you believe aliens have visited earth is grounds for "a talk."

Am I saying that there is a Men in Black–like operation going on right in front of our noses? Not likely. What I am saying, is that when hundreds of people report on a UFO sighting and the government says that it's just a regular old run-of-the-mill missile test over a densely populated city, someone better call B.S. I'm not claiming to be any kind of expert on government technology — I just think it's really weird that the CNN footage shows the UFO flying up and out of frame, while all footage from people who actually saw the object shows it flying across the sky like a comet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

In case you were wondering, my love for all things alien did bring me to Roswell, New Mexico, where I went to its International UFO Museum and Research Center. It was as disappointing as it sounds. I was hoping to see some cool-ass exhibits, and instead was treated to an eyeful of printed articles and pictures thumbtacked to walls.

At least this little alien guy made me smile.

Anyway! No matter what you believe in, you have to appreciate the original Internet content this UFO incident spawned. So many memes, so little time. Maybe one of these days we will get all the answers we need, until then, enjoy the spoils of the Internet and watch an episode of The X Files.

1. UFO Sighting Over LAX

My phone and Facebook was blowing up with people posting videos and pictures of this. It seemed like Los Angeles was ready to get down with #alienstakingoverearthparty. I'd go to that in a heartbeat.

2. Just A Regular "Missile Test"

Why you always lyin'...?

Ah, someone has finally found the perfect way to use this monstrously popular Vine. I approve.

3. Hidden Message

I...think they are trying to say something!

4. It's All Adele's Fault

We all know that Adele has the ability to reach into our souls with just her voice, so it really shouldn't come as a surprise that she was the one to make contact with aliens first.

5. Inside The UFO

I would not be surprised at this point...

6. Rihanna Is Ready

I mean, I think she should be the one conducting the peace talks with the Martians.

7. The Real Peacemaker

Lets give it up to the Original. If anyone is aware of aliens and their status on earth it would be Mother Monster herself. I'd like her to talk about her Egg Entrance with the alien overlords.

Images: Omarnation94/Twitter, Dasha Fayvinova