31 Cheap Gift Ideas For Dad, Who Is The Toughest Person On Your List To Shop For

If you're anything like me, you know that the toughest person on your list to shop for is, without a doubt, your dear old dad. If you're smart, you are always keeping your eye out for some cheap gift ideas for dad. Ideally, you'd love to pick out a gift he loves without spending an arm and a leg on it.

My dad likes to think that he's easy to shop for. But, I beg to differ, because he never actually wants anything. I'll never understand why people think that selfless quality makes them easy to shop for. In reality, the people who have all sorts of different things on their wish lists are the ones who are easy to shop for. So, year after year, when my dad claims there's nothing special he wants for the holidays, he ends up with a pack of socks or a new tie.

This year, I've decided I need to step my gift-giving game up. But that doesn't mean I'm going to take out a loan to do it. I've scoured the Internet for some perfect (and cheap!) gifts that pretty much any dad will love. Check these out, and prepare for one of your dad's famous bear hugs.

1. Cast Iron Tool Bottle Openers

Your dad deserves a beer or two after a long life of raising you. So, he's sure to appreciate these ultra cool bottle openers.

Cast Iron Tool Bottle Openers, $19, Uncommon Goods

2. Heavy Duty Soap

Dad definitely can't complain about this gritty, rugged bar of soap. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer!

Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap with Pumice, $9, Amazon.com

3. Hockey Mug

For the sports-loving dad, this hockey mug is perfect for a warm bowl of soup, or a delicious mug of cocoa. Plus, your dad can act like a kid again by trying to shoot his soup crackers or marshmallows into the net.

The Hockey Mug with a Net, $30, Amazon.com

4. Golf Coasters

Maybe your dad is a golf enthusiast. Or, perhaps he's a drink enthusiast. If he's both? Well, then these stone coasters are a must.

GOLF Natural Stone Coaster Set, $22.50, Etsy.com

5. Tactical Notebook

Is your dad preparing for the zombie apocalypse? If so, he'll need one of these super durable tactical notebooks. If nothing else, this handy little journal is a rugged choice for his daily notes.

TGX Tactical Notebooks, $15, ThinkGeek

6. Yoda Mug

Dad can't get by without his morning cup of coffee. Plus, if he's been flipping out about all of the recent Star Wars hype, then you know he'll love this mug. You're never too old to remind dad how great he is.

Dad Yoda Best Coffee Mug, $10, Etsy.com

7. Beer Glass

A beer glass is always a fitting choice for dad's gift. And, this one that looks like an upside down beer bottle? It's pretty clever.

Bottoms Up Beer Glass, $20, Shop.com

8. Portable Phone Charger

If your dad is anything like mine, his phone is constantly dying. Luckily, this portable charger will be there when he needs it.

MyCharge Portable Multi Device Charger, $20, Check It Out!

9. Beard Wash

Is your dad rocking an amazing beard? Help him keep it clean with this aromatic beard wash.

Maestro's Classic Beard Wash, $21, Check It Out!

10. Kabob Grilling Baskets

If your dad is the grill master in the family, he needs the proper tools. So, he's sure to love these kabob baskets. Plus, it'll up your chances of getting some delicious kabobs come summertime. It's a win-win for you!

Kabob Grilling Baskets, $17, Amazon.com

11. World Map Watch

A watch is always a safe gift choice. And, this vintage looking one with a world map in the face is probably unlike any others your dad has seen.

World Map Watch, $8, Etsy.com

12. Build On Brick Bookends

Everybody loves legos. These bookends will be the perfect workday distraction in your dad's office.

Build On Brick Bookends, $20, ThinkGeek.com

13. Pizza Cutter and Server

Maybe your dad isn't a gourmet chef. But, chances are he could eat pizza every day of the week. This innovative pizza cutter and server is the perfect pizza companion.

Pizza Cutter and Server, $12, Amazon.com

14. Beer Chemistry Glass

Chances are, your dad didn't actually pay attention in high school chemistry class. Luckily, this beer glass will teach him everything he needs to know.

Beer Chemistry Printed Pint Glass, $15, Etsy.com

15. Morning, Noon, and Night Coffee

Of course, your dad looks forward to his morning cup of coffee. But, with this variety pack, he can enjoy a mug of his favorite beverage, no matter what time of day it is.

Morning, Noon, and Night Coffee, $12, Uncommongoods.com

16. Personal Pocket Safe

Help dad keep all of his important documents protected with this super safe USB flash drive. With a DataLock PIN, military-grade encryption, and an epoxy field that destroys contents upon forced entry, it keeps all of his information safely locked away. Not only will it upgrade his security, but it'll also make him feel like a secret agent.

Personal Pocket Safe, $15, Amazon.com

17. The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

Perfect for the OCD dad, this cutting board has tons of lines and grids to help your dad cut his fruits and vegetables into perfectly even slices.

The Obsessive Chef Bamboo Cutting Board, $21, Amazon.com

18. Lake Michigan Blueprint Map

Deck out dad's office with a cool blueprint map. If he's not into Lake Michigan, there are plenty of other cities and landmarks to choose from.

Lake Michigan Blueprint Map, $13, Etsy.com

19. The Godfather Classic Quotes

Any dad who's a big fan of the Godfather trilogy needs this book filled with classic quotes and images from the iconic films. It's an offer he can't refuse.

The Godfather Classic Quotes, $11, Amazon.com

20. Personalized Leather Wrapped Flask

No dad will complain about getting a flask as a gift. And, this personalized leather version is perfect for sneaking into all of those outdoor sporting events.

Personalized Leather Wrapped Flask, $22, Amazon.com

21. Laser Engraved Golf Tees

It may be winter, but you'll have dad looking forward to summer with these personalized golf tees. They're the perfect gift for your golf-loving dad!

Custom Personalized Golf Tees, $20, Etsy.com

22. Sports Team Cuff Links

These customized wooden cuff links will have your dad showing pride for his favorite team! They're definitely a little dressier than his old, beat up jersey.

Custom Sports Team Cuff Links, $15, Etsy.com

23. Record Coasters

Dad can relive his glory days with these coasters that look just like his favorite old records. Just be prepared for him to start singing some of those classic old school jams when he's feeling nostalgic. You've been warned.

Record Coasters, $20, Amazon.com

24. Utility Work Gloves

You can always count on your dad to fix everything in your apartment. He's that handy guy who loves to retreat to the garage and tinker with things. So, these work gloves are just what he needs!

Utility Work Gloves, $14, Duluthtrading.com

25. BBQ Apron

Dad will love this personalized BBQ apron for all of those grilling parties in the summer. Plus, it will protect him when he inevitably spills on himself.

Personalized BBQ Apron, $20, Etsy.com

26. Home Plate Doormat

If your dad is a baseball fan, make him feel like he's scoring a home run every time he walks through the front door with this clever doormat.

Home Plate Doormat, $22, Uncommongoods.com

27. Beer And Food Pairing Guide Towel

Dad will always know exactly what snack to eat with his favorite beers with the help of this handy kitchen towel. Plus, your dad will love any excuse to drink a few more brews.

Beer and Food Pairing Guide Towel, $14, Uncommongoods.com

28. Foot Warmers

Keep your dad from getting cold feet over the holiday season with these microwavable foot warmers. They're perfect for a long nap during Sunday football!

Microwave Foot Warmers, $18, Etsy.com

29. Headphones

Every dad needs a good pair of headphones. So, he's sure to appreciate the noise cancellation and soft ear pads of these!

Darkiron Headphones, $19, Amazon.com

30. Carry-On Cocktail Kit

This handy kit provides everything dad needs to mix two of his favorite cocktails at 30,000 feet. You can choose a kit for an old fashioned, a gin and tonic, or a Moscow mule. It's been tested to make it through security, and it'll fit just fine in your carry on!

Carry-On Cocktail Kit, $24, Food52.com

31. Picture Frame

Of course, you're the greatest gift your dear old dad ever could've hoped for. So, remind him of your special bond with a framed photo. Just be prepared for the inevitable waterworks.

Rustic Dad and Me Picture Frame, $12, Etsy.com

Images: Food52