21 Cheap Gifts For Dad That Cost Less Than $25 And Are Actually Cool

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Dads are pretty much, hands down, the best. Shopping for dads? Easily the worst. The thing about dads is that they usually seem to already have everything they need. And as for things dads want? I've spent too many years being totally clueless. Too many years buying slippers and ties. Too many years aimlessly wandering the aisles of Home Depot picking up random tool things and then setting them back down, disheartened by my inability to be more creative.

The thing about dads, I've learned, is that no matter what they will love what you get them, because no matter what they love you. Seriously, you can't go wrong — I think my dad STILL has a few macaroni ties I made him way back in the day. This year, don't overthink it. We've rounded up 21 awesome, dad-approved gifts — from the practical to the insanely cool — to help you out. And the best part? Everything is under $25. Isn't shopping fun?

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