How To Wash Gloves So They More Than One Winter

I have to admit that I've got a serious addiction to mittens and gloves, and I don't even live in a climate that suffers from serious cold weather. Because of my obsession, learning how to wash gloves has become a necessity for keeping my favorites in tip top shape. No one wants shapeless, shrunken gloves.

For many, the use of these accessories is more of a requirement than a fashion statement. This means that learning how to keep your gloves in great condition is all the more important. No one wants to have a moment when they go to grab a pair, and they've all be haphazardly thrown into the dryer and shrunken. No gloves means cold, frozen fingers and wondering why you didn't try to care for them more.

Despite their importance, gloves and mittens are incredibly underrated when it comes to winter weather accessories. Gorgeous blanket scarfs and adorable beanies are everywhere in the colder months, but gloves tend to get the bronze medal. This seems to be the case even though Notorious RBG clearly understand the power of gloves, and if you're not rocking them because you're worried about your engagement ring getting stuck in the material and damaging the prongs, there are totally ways to rock both at the same time! Not to mention there are incredible styles and fabrics you can wear for a new look every day, each one keeping your fingers warm and toasty.

So, in order to keep the gloves you're destined to buy perfect, how do you keep them clean?

Keep Fabric In Mind

Ailuorphile Style Gloves, $35, Modcloth

Never try to wash a pair of leather gloves in the same way as their cotton or wool counterparts. Each pair may require special treatment.

Hand Wash While Wearing

Women's Knit Snowflake Print Flip Top Gloves with Faux Fur, $16, Target

Keeping your hand inside the glove as your wash in the sink can help them maintain their perfect shape.

Try Spot Cleaning

Leather Gloves, $30, H&M

If you've got a pair of leather gloves, spot cleaning is an excellent idea. A great leather cleaner can help get rid of marks and extend wash periods.

Use A Mild Detergent

Alpaca Gloves with Circle Zip Detail and Fingertop Converter, $15, ASOS

Harsh detergents can damage your wool or knit gloves. Be sure to use a mild one — like Woolite — when washing your gloves.

Lay Flat To Dry

Ribbed Texting Gloves, $35, Madewell

Dryers are not your gloves' friend. They can ruin fabric, shrink the glove, and destroy shape. Instead, lay your gloves flat to dry before wearing again.

Wash Effectively, But Sparingly

Patterened Convertible Mittens, $5, Old Navy

Your gloves need to be washed somewhere between 3-5 times during the winter months. You're not going to spend your entire holiday season drying them out. Just be sure to wash them well when the time comes.

Images: Unsplash; Courtesy of brands