Longboard Stroller Makes Parenting Look Swagtastic

Technology and design are pushing ordinary, everyday objects into the realms of extraordinary, as with this Quinny longboard combined with a stroller invention—a cool parent's dream. And I do mean cool. The product video shows a young hip dad and his daughter, enjoying a day in the sun while rolling their way through a beautiful and sunny European city. I didn't think I could have FOMO for the future, but I guess anything is possible these days.

This invention combines the ease of a stroller and the excitement of a longboard to give parents and children the best time together. Wouldn't you be more inclined to stop watching hours of television and replace it with an amazing trip around the block? Wind in your hair, your kid laughing from the stroller. Even if you don't have a kid, babysitting can be revolutionized with this little modification. (I don't recommend making videos of adults doing tricks on the longboard with a child inside, but I will watch them the moment someone posts one to YouTube.)

My worst fears were answered by the helmet requirement. Looks like your child will have to strap on a chunky head piece if they want a ride on the coolest stroller around. Also, if you want one of these bad boys, they are only available in Europe right now, for the price of a brand new kidney. (I jest; they're about $644 in US Dollars.) In any case, I know what you will be bringing home after your next Euro trip, and I better see the Instas.

Here are some highlights from the promotional video that I found very enjoyable.

1. Kick Push, Kick Push

As someone who would never get on a longboard without monetary incentive, having a stable bar to hold on to, makes this more of a manageable scooter for a girl like me. I'm down to test drive one of these babies! (Just maybe not with, y'know, a literal baby!)

2. All The Fun In The World

I'm sure I'll be seeing hundreds of these on the Santa Monica boardwalk and Venice Beach in the next few years. I wonder if you can just take off the stroller part when you aren't using it and just...have a longboard.

3. Close Up

In case you were wondering, the Quinny Stroller does come with a hand break for added safety.

4. Quick And Easy

The stroller also folds up into an easy to cary form so that you can go from grinding the street pavement to enjoying ice cream indoors.

Watch the full video below!