9 Dream Signs That Mean Trouble In Your Love Life

Dreams aren't always indicative of what's going on in your life. Sometimes you'll dream a certain dream because you just watched a movie or read a book and your mind is turning that over. Sometimes you'll dream a certain dream because you ate too much cheese. Occasionally, you'll dream a certain dream because of something going on in your life. I have the most vivid dreams when I'm really stressed about something, so to an extent, dreams, if you pay attention to them, can tell you a lot about what's going on in your day-to-day life.

Certain dreams might be a reflection of problems in your relationship. If your subconscious is trying to tell you something at night, that's probably something you should address during the day. And while you don't need to jump to conclusions because you had a dream that means something might be amiss in your relationship, it might give you pause for thought. The following dreams situations might mean there's trouble in your love life, but they might not — when assessing your dreams, be realistic in the light of day, and try not to get worked up about something that happened while you were sleeping. Take everything with a grain of salt when you consider these dreams which might mean your love life is in trouble:

1. You Dream About Your Past Painful Relationships

This could be a sign that whatever you're relationship you're about to start isn't quite right. Take a moment to assess the patterns in your dating behavior before diving in.

2. If You Dream You're Being Attacked

This might be a sign that you feel cornered by circumstances in your relationship that you can't rectify or overcome.

3. If You Dream You're Either Dying Or Reborn

It might be an indication that you're seeking a change in your relationship, or that you're in a transitional period that might lead to the end of your relationship.

4. If You Have A Sex Dream About Your Ex

This doesn't necessarily mean you're not over your ex, but it could be an indication that you're repeating bad habits in relationships. Asses your current relationship to see if you've carried over the same toxic things from your ex relationship.

5. If You Dream You're Having Car Trouble

You might be spending too much energy on your relationship or a difficult situation with your S.O.

6. If You Dream You're Dealing With A Machine Malfunctioning

Your partner might be sucking your power, and you're handing it over. Think about where you're spending your energy, and think about if your relationship is serving you as well as it serves your S.O.

7. If You Dream You're Lost

This one is kind of a no brainer — it suggests you've lost your direction in life, and this could include your relationship.

8. If You Dream You're Drowning, Flying Or Swimming

There might be a giant decision you have to make, one which will decide whether your relationship lives or dies.

9. If You Dream That You're Performing Poorly At Something

It could be anything, from school to a foot race. If you dream you're failing, you might feel like you're failing in your relationship during your waking hours.

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