Couple Finds Out They Were Preschool Sweethearts

Our generation loves a good love story. So when news hit that a preschool couple matched on a dating site, Nicholas Sparks-ian hearts around the globe swelled with sympathetic joy. Being that we're sort of the online dating guinea pigs, we haven't yet decided how we feel about the romance surrounding an online match. Is it incredibly romantic because an algorithm has deemed you to be perfect match? Or is it technological, impersonal and lacking heart?

In the case of Amy Giberson and Justin Pounders, it's on heart overload. The couple, now 33, realized a year into their relationship that they not only went to the same preschool, but that they had feelings for each other at age three. Their young love was so obvious and memorable that even their preschool teacher remembers their connection to this day. The couple is so overjoyed with the news of their past that they couldn't help but share their story with the world. It's their belief that their timing was meant to work out this way, and even though they had been crossing paths unknowingly their whole lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, they're glad that they didn't meet until the very moment that they did, online.

While this article makes me tempted to look up my preschool and elementary crushes, it also helps me to rest assured that the right people come into your life at the right time. You can't seek out love, you can only be open to it ... it stumbles into your farm while you're stacking hay, it bumps into you in the town square, it arrives with a letter ... but hey, what do I know, that's just the Sparks in me talking.

Images: Pixabay