Style Blogger Rachel Martino Shares Her Favorite Holiday Traditions & Style Secrets

These days, it takes a lot for a style blogger to stand out, but that's exactly what Southerner-turned-Brooklynite Rachel Martino does. From her flawless cat eye and bold red lips to outfits that make you say "OMG, that's so cute" but also "I could totally wear that myself," she's the girl's girl you can relate to, while still being #goals. A look through her Instagram feed is a refreshing burst of crisp prints, perfect leather jackets, and an effortless balance between feminine and structured — with just a hint of a retro vibe. On her YouTube channel, you'll see she's every bit the bubbly go-getter she appears, and see everything from her daily beauty rituals to a behind-the-scenes look at her 25th birthday. Rachel is an open book and celebrating every day to max effect — which is why we looked to her for some holiday inspo.

In partnership with H&M, we met up with Rachel to talk all things holiday and get the inside scoop on her must-haves and traditions. We also tried on her favorite pieces from the collection to inspire your own holiday looks, whether you're making your shopping list or dancing the night away. It turns out even cool-girl bloggers love a little sequin action and have dads who dressed up as Santa. Here's what we learned during our day with Rachel.

She's From The South, But She's A Francophile At Heart

"I'm a fashion and beauty blogger and YouTuber based in Brooklyn, NY. I speak French and have a serious passion for French fashion and culture. (I even have a French YouTube channel!) I grew up in Lexington, KY, but moved to New York three years ago to pursue my dream of working in the beauty world."

She's Turned Her Passion Into A Full-Time Job

"I worked in social media for three years until deciding to take my blog full-time this past August. I love beauty and fashion and their ability to make a woman feel great about herself. For me, being a blogger is an incredible way to connect with like-minded girls across the world."

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She Keeps Her Look Fresh By Mixing In Playful Touches

"My style is a mix of feminine and retro. I love chic and colorful looks that are both stylish and accessible — and, most importantly, put a smile on people's faces."

When It Comes To Holiday Style, She's All About Balance

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"I love a chic dress in an unexpected color like white or emerald green. It's fun to mix casual and dressy things like a sequined skirt with a laid-back sweater."

Her Beauty Look Is Totally Retro-Chic

"I love a bright, bold red lip paired with winged black liner and flirty lashes."

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You Might Want Her To Bartend Your Bash

"I'm not much of a cook, but I love to develop fun cocktail recipes. That's what I inevitably contribute to the holiday fêtes!"

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Her Dad Used To Dress Up As Santa

"When I was a kid, we would celebrate Christmas in Southern California, where I was born. I have over 20 cousins on my dad's side, so it was always a huge party at my grandparent's house on Christmas Eve. One of my dad's brothers (or my dad) would dress up as Santa and have us come up one by one to get our gifts from the family."

You Probably Have The Same Favorite Throwback Gift

"The American Girl doll I got when I was eight just blew my mind. It was Molly, and I just loved all of her '50s furniture and outfits."

Her Blonde Waves Have Always Been Perfectly On Point

"Here's me with my sister (I'm the younger one!) in front of the Christmas tree when I was maybe six or seven years old. We had killer Christmas cards (my mom prides herself in them), so we always had great photos for those."

Images: Andrew Zaeh / Bustle; family snapshot courtesy of Rachel Martino.

Hair: Matthew Tuozzoli

Makeup: Joy Fennell

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