6 Tech-Savvy Ways To Get Over A Breakup

The only thing in this world worse than your ex is your ex's leftover stuff that they either forgot to pick up or intentionally left at your place: You know, the stuff that turns up unexpectedly on the days you're saddest or angriest about the breakup; the stuff that haunts your very existence; and the stuff that, on occasion, ends up in a bonfire with other worthless items that belonged to your former flame. But why throw your ex's crap away when you can turn it into liquid cash on the website Never Liked it Anyway? Never Liked It Anyway lets you sell all the stuff that reminds you of that awful, life-ruining person, getting it out of your life in exchange for something that's always useful — a little extra dough.

And, of course, there's more to it than just a sales transaction. Never Liked it Anway, which Quartz wittily called the eBay for breakups, is a website where you can not only upload and sell things — featured products include old engagement rings, wedding dresses, and beach cruisers — but also vent about how horrible your ex was. Some descriptions are short, like this one that says "husband committed adultery," while others are much longer, like the one for this red Kate Spade bag:

He really loved this bag and bought it for me in 2 different colors. Purchased from Bloomingdales. I was never really a fan of the bag... I think it was just him trying to show off... I should have seen the signs back then! I want this bag to find a good home and someone who will give it the love and affection I never did... just like my relationship.

Yikes. If you're getting over an ex, definitely think about getting rid of all the residual items from the relationship on Never Liked it Anyway. And hey, while you're at it, check out these other five technology-driven ways to get over your ex, too:

1. KillSwitch

This handy app sifts through all your Facebook posts and photos and deletes anything your ex is tagged in that could be associated with you. If you're constantly haunted by the remnants of your ex on social media, this app is for you.

2. Block Your Ex

Block Your Ex is a browser plugin that removes your ex's Twitter, Facebook, and blog accounts from your view, providing block that's a little more intense than KillSwitch's. The great thing about this plugin is that it works for up to five exes, so you can keep them all away, all the time.

3. "I Hate My Ex So Much"

If you don't care so much about getting rid of your ex's Internet traces, but you do want to tell everyone how horrible they were to you, the website is 100 percent for you. You can pick from a few categories ("boyfriend," "girlfriend,""wife," or "husband") and sift through breakup stories or submit one of your own. It's a place to go to feel better about your own breakup. Or worse. Either/or — your call.

4. "So You've Been Dumped"

If you actually need help getting over your breakup beyond just venting to strangers on the Internet, offers a variety of resources for people looking to get over a breakup, from videos to articles, using chemical science and talk therapy. You could also just Google "how to get over a breakup," but this site has a nice, consolidated list of resources.

5. Tinder

Do I even need to explain?

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