Video Of University Of Missouri Protests Show Just How Long The Situation Has Been Building — VIDEO

Tensions have been high at the University of Missouri leading up to today's resignation of University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe. The circulating videos of Mizzou protests give us a strong idea of the climate on campus and the environment that has been building up for the last few months. After various incidents of racial slurs and open discrimination against black students at the University of Missouri in the past few weeks, students were fed up with the lack of response from their administration. These tensions came to a head when more than 30 of Mizzou's football team players boycotted their season, demanding changes. Their voices ricocheted across campus and brought members of the student body together with one, unified voice shouting: "It is our duty to fight for freedom," and "Racism lives here, we live here!"

While many of the university issues far predate Wolfe's employment, the members of Concerned Student 1950 (an activist group named after the first year a black student was admitted to the university) were hoping that the change would begin with him. In a clear and organized protest, the students asked for basic, bare-minimum rights and courtesies. From an added curriculum topic of racial awareness to an increase in the racial diversity in the school's administration, the students were not asking for anything they didn't already deserve.

Leading up to today's breaking news of Wolfe's resignation, were various protests in and around campus. Below is a roundup of a few moving and informational videos that will be forever remembered as the catalysts that ignited an important and historic change at the University of Missouri:

General Campus Protests

Students helped various protests all over campus, which helped educate and unite the student population on the issues at hand.

Homecoming Parade Protests

A peaceful protest put a stop to the homecoming parade.

President Wolfe's Initial Response

Students made various attempts to speak with Wolfe personally, resorting to physically blocking his car in the homecoming parade to get his attention. Since his resignation earlier today, he has responded with the following:

Although this was a necessary step for implementing change, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon says it is just the first among many that will have to take place at the University of Missouri.

Images: YouTube