Wanna Buy Justin Bieber's New Album For Just $5?

Everything is weird and nothing makes sense: Justin Bieber is teaming up with Lyft to sell his new album, Purpose (due out Nov. 13). Wait... seriously? Seriously. According to a blog post on Lyft's website, you can use the popular ride app to buy Purpose for just $5 beginning Nov. 12. Wait... seriously? Seriously! Here's how it works: Just "slide into 'Bieber mode'" (ew?) "in the Lyft app between 9 p.m. PST" on Nov. 12 "and 11:59 p.m. PST" on Nov. 19 "while supplies last" and take a ride that costs at least $5. Afterwards, Lyft will send you a download link for Purpose and give you a $5 credit to put towards your next trip.

But that's not all: Apparently, the Biebs will also be using Lyft throughout next week, and if you "slide into 'Bieber Mode'" (ew?) and purchase his new LP, you could wind up sharing a ride with him (as the video at the bottom of this post demonstrates). What fun! If you're a frequent Lyft user AND a huge Belieber, this probably sounds like the promotion of a lifetime. Otherwise, it probably sounds pretty freakin' strange.

Where to begin? First of all, I have to belieb a large chunk of Bieber's fans are under the age of 18, and as Wired's Issie Lapowsky wisely points out, you must be at least 18 years old in order to solicit a ride from Lyft. Womp, womp.

Lapowsky also points out that people who are "eager" to hear Purpose (but maybe don't want to shell out the dough for it on iTunes) can easily just wait for it to show up on Spotify. That way, they don't have to spend any money and totally avoid "sliding into 'Bieber Mode'" (which, to be completely honest, sounds a bit dangerous!). This deal certainly seems to be targeting a very small audience.

I suppose it's possible Bieber's Lyft partnership was inspired by a desire to outsell One Direction's new album, Made in the A.M. , which also drops on Nov. 13 (but I'm just guessing). It'll be interesting to see how many copies of Purpose the promotion ends up shifting when it's all said and done. Stay tuned.

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