One Direction ‘Made In The A.M.’ Track List Is Here, But What Are The Songs About?

Deep breaths, Directioners. One Direction released the Made in the A.M. tracklist and naturally today is now the best day ever. While fans have to wait until Nov. 13 to hear the album in it's entirety, we can speculate as to what the tracks are about. Ahh, suspense.

First things first. Idolator reports One Direction released the tracklist on Snapchat. Here's the complete listing:

1. “Hey Angel”2. “Drag Me Down”3. “Perfect”4. “Infinity”5. “End Of The Day”6. “If I Could Fly”7. “Long Way Down”8. “Never Enough”9. “Olivia”10. “What A Feeling”11. “Love You, Goodbye”12. “I Want To Write You A Song”13. “History”14. “Temporary Fix”15. “Walking In The Wind”16. “Wolves”17. “A.M.”

We've already heard "Drag Me Down" and "Infinity," and we know that "Perfect" will be their next single, but there's still 15 songs we have yet to hear. I'll let that sit for a minute: 15 yet-unheard One Direction songs that are headed our way in one month.

Since we likely won't hear any of the new songs (except "Perfect") for a few weeks, here are some guesses at what the inspiration is behind the newly revealed song titles.

1. “Hey Angel”

OneDirection Snapchats on YouTube

Since Liam Payne saying the words "Hey Angel" is (literally) the stuff of dreams, One Direction decided to give their fans an entire song about it. If you're not convinced it's heartbreakingly perfect, please refer to the video above.

2. “Perfect”

A tribute to 2013-era Peak Harry Styles.

3. “End Of The Day”

The lullaby we all want/need from 1D.

4. “If I Could Fly”

R. Kelly's mid-'90s jam "I Believe I Can Fly" was so inspiring to 1D that they put their own spin on it.

5. “Long Way Down”

One Direction looking down from their inevitable place at the top of the charts.

6. “Never Enough”

One Direction admitting that only 17 new songs is frankly insufficient.

7. “Olivia”

Obviously an ode to Taylor Swift's cat.

8. “What A Feeling”

That moment when a member of One Direction hugs you is immortalized in a song.

9. “Love You, Goodbye”

One Direction's message to fans before their hiatus. Emphasis on "Love you."

10. “I Want To Write You A Song”

Pandering to their audience, but I'll allow it BECAUSE THEY WANT TO WRITE US A SONG.

11. “History”

A look back at the band's career, which means it should be a tribute to the first-ever performance of "Torn." You know the one.

12. “Temporary Fix”

When Styles' hair is too unruly and the only solution is a man bun.

13. “Walking In The Wind”

Clearly inspired by Louis Tomlinson's pompadour, which is the wind beneath my wings.

14. “Wolves”

Perhaps a cover of Kanye West's new song "Wolves."

15. “A.M.”

"A.M."must stand for "Amazing Music," right? Right?

But seriously, only a few short weeks until the true analysis can begin!

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