Everyone, Including Anna Kendrick, Can Be A Jedi

Great news, Star Wars fans! After years of battling it with your brother using toy lightsabers, everyone can now be a Jedi! The message was passed along today in a VERY Obi-Wan Kenobi style trailer for Star Wars Battlefront starring Anna Kendrick... kind of. Regardless you have to check this delightful trailer out yesterday, as it clarifies that with Battlefront we can all fight the good fight (or join the dark side if you go with the stormtrooper route, I don't judge).

The commercial details a mix of people enduring their boring every day lives before melting into the ground, ala Obi-Wan at the end of A New Hope. And like Obi Wan, accepting the icey hand of death like an old friend, each person is content to put up their hoods and dissipate into a bundle of clothes. But they don't die (or get reincarnated into a force ghost, as far as I can tell), they get transported to the front lines of the battlefront, so to speak.

Of course the cherry on top is Kendrick's cameo, as everything she touches turns to gold. She alone gets Obi-Wan's famous last words, "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." She says it clad in a bathrobe while wielding a butter knife, because as acknowledged time and time again, she is all of us.

But who else can now become a Jedi, besides Anna-Wan Kendrobi (come on, is that really worse than "Mace Windu"?) To recap...

This Indie Girl Closing Up For The Day

Closing up shop early, gotta save the galaxy.

This Pair Of Besties

They're gonna harness the force TOGETHER.

These Small Children

"Bye mom, gonna go outside and play after this." Jk, no, fresh air is overrated.

This Guy I Originally Mistook For DJ Qualls

You know, from The New Guy. Um. I don't think it's him.

His Co-Worker, Beardo

They like, can't even wait to clock out for the day to play this game.

This Girl Texting At School

Fronting A Rebellion Against An Evil Empire > Algebra.

This Entire Japanese Subway System

Although hopefully not whoever was conducting this thing.

These Enthused Party-Goers

I mean, I prefer Star Wars over a party every day, which probably... explains a lot.

These Skateboarders

Like mid-ollie they just completely peace out.

This Guy To Escape The Drollness Of Vacuuming

There are more important things than chores right now, come on.

Oh, And This Entire Riot Grrrl Band

We want revolution, Jedi style power now!

Ah, you gotta love this how this new era of Star Wars is ushering in diversity. Star Wars Battlefront arrives November 17, until then, enjoy getting transported to a galaxy far, far away with this trailer.

Images: YouTube