Why Brit's Small Win Is A Big Victory

People looooove talking about Britney Spears being "back." Britney has probably been back a dozen times since 2007 (the time of the shaved head incident) but her back-ness hasn't really seem to stick. Basically, she's had a lot of ups and downs and never really seemed to return to her former self. But last night, Britney Spears took home the People's Choice Award for "Favorite Pop Artist." This was her first People's Choice Award — yes, her first ever — and she looked pretty damn good while accepting it.

At the PCAs Britney looked alive which she should because she is an alive, functioning human being. It's just that sometimes Britney's eyes are a little glazed over and her hair looks a little bit like it's not attached correctly, but last night Britney was all good. Maybe her new Las Vegas show has got her pumped up. Maybe she was happy to have a night out on the town with her boyfriend David Lucado. Maybe she was just stoked because she finally got a People's Choice Award and could feel the energy of the people's votes pulsing through her crystal trophy.

The fact that Britney Spears has never gotten a People's Choice Award is insane. People used to love her. She used to be everywhere. Where was her award? Then, after she went a little off her rocker for a while there, people kept rooting for her, so why didn't she get an award at that point instead? Were the people not convinced that she was really deserving of it? People, what were you thinking?

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even more crazy is that not only had she never won an award, but she'd only been nominated twice and those were in the categories of "Favorite Scene Stealing Guest Star" for How I Met Your Mother and "Favorite TV Guest Star" for Glee. She'd never been even up for a music related award!

Britney Spears is not someone I've ever thought of as being snubbed and, frankly, I've never put too much thought into the People's Choice Awards in general, but Britney Spears was snubbed here. Britney Spears embodied pop music in the early 2000s. She should've been nominated for every music-related PCA she could have been nominated for back in the day and she should've won most of them.

So now, in 2013 when she's on the leg of her career where she has a Vegas residency, Britney finally gets her People's Choice Award and, thankfully, she looks healthy and alert finally receiving it. Good job, people. Looks like everyone's fully joined Team Britney now.

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