8 Confidence Boosters Before A Job Interview

Job interviews are nerve wracking no matter how many you go on, and chances are if you're looking for a job, you've been on a lot of job interviews. Job interviews basically determine your career happiness and more importantly, ability to pay rent, which makes them so important you're liable to break out in hives just thinking about them. Job interviews will give you sweatier palms than a trip to the dentist, but there are things you can do to boost your confidence before a job interview, so you don't go in looking like a terrified weirdo who's so damp you look like you just stepped out of a sauna.

Confidence is key when you're winning a job: who actually is perfectly qualified for the job they're going for anyway? The key is looking, acting, and speaking like you're qualified, so that no one knows that you really feel a little out of your depth and deathly anxious that you won't get hired. (Spoiler alert: We all feel that way.) It's natural to feel nervous, and a healthy dose of nerves will give you the adrenaline you need to make it through, but as the Bible says, the confident shall inherit the earth, or whatever. Here are a few things you can do before a job interview to boost your confidence.

1. Do Your Research

Goggle is your best friend. Know who is interviewing you. Learn what you can about them. Read about the company. Get as much information as you possibly can. Knowledge is power and the Internet is your best friend. You'll never been confident going into a job interview if you go in blind, so read up.

2. Make Notes

Write things down. Seriously. You'll remember what you're researching much better if you have some dot points. Especially note what you think is great about the company, what you think could change, and how you can help make the company better. These notes will be useful later...

3. Practice Interview

Practice interviewing, even if it's just in your own head or in front of a mirror. It's not hard to pre-empt what you'll be asked in an interview. Ask yourself those questions, and answer them in the language you would in an interview. When the questions are really asked of you, you'll already know the answers!

4. Get A Good Night's Sleep

Be well-rested. Nothing makes you more confident than waking up feeling fresh. Don't go out drinking the night before, take your sh*t seriously, drink some Sleepy Time tea and get your butt in bed at a reasonable hour.

5. Do Something Good For Yourself In The Morning

Part of being confident is just feeling good generally. Destress by doing something that makes you happy in the morning before the interview. Eat your favorite breakfast (confidence is a full tummy) and treat yourself to something you like, like a work out at the gym, or taking a short time to read your book, or painting your nails.

6. Dress The Part

Dress for the job you want! It's not superficial at all. Looking great can make you feel great and confident. Wear something that makes you happy, something comfortable that enough that it won't distract you, but professional enough that you feel like you're rocking it. The more confident you look, the more confident you will feel. Works for me, at least!

7. Play Your Favorite "Baller" Song As You Stride Through The Street

Bear with me. Pop your "anthem" song on your device and your head phones in your ears... You know the song, the one that makes you feel like the wind is blowing through your hair and all heads are turning to watch you stride past. Listen to it as you walk down the street to go to the interview.

8. Arrive Early

Don't be rushing. Nothing kills the confident vibe like being in a fluster of sweat and anxiety, trying desperately to make it at the very last section. Arrive half an hour early. Sit somewhere with your notes and go over them. Spend some time leveling out your mind. Stepping straight off the subway and into an interview doesn't give you much of a chance to switch your annoyed at humanity face to your confident one.

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