Get Jessica Simpson's '70s Style With Golden Shades — PHOTO

There's a reason she sits atop a billion dollar fashion empire and that's because her personal style is so fabulous and well-cultivated. Jessica Simpson rocked oversized sunglasses and the circular shape and gold frames were super '70s. The singer, actress, designer, and mother of two was in NYC with her husband Eric Johnson when she posed for a selfie, showing off her mega shades.

Many of Simpson's Instagram followers were instantly enamored by the sunnies, going nuts in the comments. They were praising the shades for their awesomeness and asking Simpson to reveal what brand they are.

Simpson was totally hair goals in the aughts and she remains on trend and super stylish in this decade. With her long, golden waves framing her face, the ultimate multi-hyphenate paired her gilded glasses with a blue turtleneck sweater and she looked like she came roaring right outta the '70s.

The double rimmed, wiry shades were semi-psychedelic and super high fashion. The amber lenses paired perfectly with Simpson's buttery blonde hair. It was a retro accessory that Simpson wore so well.

Perhaps she'll notice how berserk her fans went over the glasses and replicate a pair for her eponymous fashion brand. She has direct customer/supporter feedback right there in her Insta comments!

For some reason, Simpson reminds me of a Bond girl with those glasses. They add a legit dose of statement glam to this selfie.

In my search for similar pairs, many of the brands, like The Row and Linda Farrow, were super pricy, starting at a whopping $500. That's not a realistic price point for many of us.

So I've suggested pairs in a variety of price ranges that have a complimentary style.

Chloe's wire-rimmed Isidora sunglasses in rose gold are a variation of Simpson's killer shades. They aren't cheap, so these would be an investment accessory that will set you back a bit, meaning you will want to wear them all day, every day. ($396,

Le Specs' Jester frames are smaller, but they are super round. I love the thicker shape at the top of this pair by the Aussie brand. ($120,

If you just want a cheap and chic, mirrored aviator pair dipped in gold, then grab these! ($16,

These fab frames are round, gold, and decidedly retro cool. ($40,

Here hoping Simpson creates a pair similar to the ones she wore on her face. She has the resources and the fan feedback already.

Images: Jessica Simpson/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (4)