Their Enviable Mexican Vacation Continues

While the rest of us lowly plebeians freeze our buns off in this dreadful winter we fancily like to call a polar vortex, celebrity gal pals Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick decided to take a nonchalant trip to Mexico... because they are actresses and they can. And today, there are more photos from their amazing adventure.

If their last-minute trip wasn't enough salt in our wounds, the duo spent the afternoon lounging by the pool and releasing baby sea turtles into the ocean. How quaint. Did you think you were cool when you got a little tipsy off mojitos at TGI Friday's with your girlfriends or spent the day texting about your latest flame in between your boss' angry fits? Well, you weren't. Thankfully, through the wonderful world of social media, the ladies took us all along for their adventures in #nofilter 97-degree Mexican vacation glory.

As evidenced by Kendrick's Instagram post, the baby turtles barely filled up the actresses' palms. The caption was just as clever as we'd expect from the Pitch Perfect star: "We met Squirt. "Rip it, roll it and punch it jellyman!!! #garzablanca." If you've been living under a rock, Kendrick is making a reference to the surfer dude turtle in Finding Nemo. (Sidenote: Only two more years until the sequel, Finding Dory. Hold your excitement.)

Plaza went to Twitter to share a picture of herself posing with one of the baby turtles.

Thanks a bunch, guys. While you both continue your adorable antics in warm Mexico, I'll be eating leftover lasagna, thawing my frozen feet, and watching reruns with my mom.

Image: Anna Kendrick/Instagram; Aubrey Plaza/Twitter