Get Excited About 'Girls' With New Clip

Need more reason to get excited for season three of Girls, other than that excellent trailer from a couple of months ago? Welp, first of all, you're hard to please — that trailer was great and should have been enough! But you're also particular, which I guess is a good thing to be in life. Second of all, your prayers have been answered: HBO just released a new clip from season three of Girls, and, despite the fact that it lacks any appearances by hippie angel queen Jessa, it's pretty great.

A quick summary: In it, we see Hannah and Adam back together and living in the Greenpoint apartment, hosting a dinner party with Marnie and Shoshanna present. Though the last time Hannah threw a dinner party was a complete disaster (mostly because of Shoshanna's butt plug talk and Marnie's obsession with Charlie), she is admirably trying again, this time with Charlie out of the picture and Shoshanna sexually experienced enough to know what a butt plug is. They are real adults now!

Kind of. Not at all.

Anyway, Adam is apparently a little tired of listening to Hannah's friends talk, and, I've gotta say, I don't blame him: Shoshanna is coming off as unbelievably self-involved in this scene. Such is the life of a 22-year-old girl, though, I guess.

Check out the clip below, then two new images from the season premiere. Girls will premiere its third season on Jan. 12, on HBO.

Images: HBO