9 Ways To Celebrate Yourself

by Raven Ishak

In today's society, we learn to celebrate everything and anything: Your dog's birthday, that job promotion, or that five dollar bill you found in the back pocket of your jeans. Either way, you should try to celebrate the little things — and ways to celebrate yourself. It will not only make you more grateful, but will bring more positivity in your life, according to the Huffington Post.

Although celebrating others and little achievements are always a good way to bring that euphoric fulfillment back into your life, you should also try to celebrate the one person that deserves it the most: you. You, without a doubt, deserve to be celebrated every single day. Life can be hard, and while it's considered normal to push yourself to the max and to put others before yourself, it can be easy to forget that you need some loving, too. The sea of stress and work can really wipe someone out, and during those times, that's when you need to learn to love yourself the most. If you need inspo on how to do just that, here are nine tips that I have done and helped me learn to let the little every stresses go and to celebrate me whenever the chance I get.

1. Give Yourself That Much-Needed Downtime

This is how you recharge after a long day of work. Give yourself a few hours to watch whatever shows you want, take a nap, or just to hang with your friends. By enjoying the little things of everyday life, it will give inspiration for your work and allow you to truly appreciate what you have. For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to really enjoy the majority of my weekends by doing absolutely nothing and it has been great. I feel slightly recharged and not stressed out as much as I used to. I try to enjoy the relationships around me while still trying to kick butt in my industry. Baby steps, right?

2. Do Some Beauty Treatments

This is a great way to really treat yourself for a minimal amount of time. For about month, on Sundays I would use a mask, exfoliate my skin, and condition my hair with coconut oil. While I didn't have the money to go to a five star hotel with an extravagant spa treatment, I felt like a million bucks after doing my weekly beauty treatment. Plus, I really felt like it set it up for the work week but looking and feeling better about myself.

3. Buy That Ice Cream

Seriously, just do it. Ice cream is the gateway to the soul and cures everything.

4. Say Thank You When Others Compliment You

Celebrate yourself when other people choose to celebrate you. If someone congratulates you or gives you a compliment, don't be bashful or disagree with what they are saying. You deserve that compliment, and by saying thank you instead of deflecting the comment, you are allowing yourself to receive it and feel powerful in that moment. I have a hard time with this one, but every time I just allow myself to say thank you, I feel better about myself. There is nothing wrong with celebrating you especially when it comes to your achievements.

5. Get Dressed Up For No Reason

Whether you are going to your nine-to-five or you are going to do some errands, dress to the nines to feel extra special. By dressing up, it will improve your mood and make you feel better about yourself. Plus, you never know who you will bump into, because somehow the universe always knows when you are in sweats with no makeup on when you are out running errands and you just happen to run into somebody. Dress up to make yourself feel good, though. Forget about everyone else and just wear exactly what you want.

6. Do Something That Makes You Happy

If you love to workout, do it. If you love to bake, make those brownies. Everyone has hobbies for a reason, and the best way to celebrate yourself is to do stuff that you and only you love to do. I personally love to read and take photographs — it's almost therapeutic. And even though I am no Annie Leibovitz, in the end, it brings me joy, and that is all that matters.

7. Buy Yourself Flowers

Whenever peonies are in season, I buy the crap out of them. Why? Because they make me happy. Yes, they are expensive and yes, they will die in about a week or so (if I am lucky), but I love the way I feel when I look at them and they actually make my house feel like a home. Don't wait for anyone else to buy you flowers. You deserve it, so why not treat yourself?

8. Spend The Day Exploring Your Town By Yourself

This is a great way to know yourself a little bit more while you are exploring your own backyard. When you are walking about your city by yourself, you are with your own thoughts. This will allow you to see things differently when you are influence or with another person. Bring a journal with you, sit in a park, and jot down what you have been thinking. It's therapeutic and enlightening.

9. Take A Selfie

While I don't condone selfie sticks (they are weapons of destruction), I do believe that a selfie can enhance how you feel about yourself. We shouldn't shame selfies, because if someone posts one on the Internet, it's because, at that moment, they felt good about themselves and decided to celebrate that — and you should do the same. I don't normally take a lot of selfies and post them on the Internet, but when I feel particularly fabulous, I will take a few and have them in my phone for the heck of it. I felt good and I looked good, why not celebrate that and take a picture?

Celebrating yourself is one of the best things you can do. It's a great way to boost your mood and to recharge after a long day. So don't think twice about it, put that face mask, take that selfie, and get that ice cream cone. You deserve it.

Images: Giphy (9); Pexels