Emma Watson Rocks Dark Brown Hair For 'Vogue' Italia & It Looks Incredible — PHOTOS

English actress Emma Watson poses during the photocall of Hispano-Chilean director Alejandro Amenabar's movie 'Regression' in Madrid on August 27, 2015. AFP PHOTO/ GERARD JULIEN (Photo credit should read GERARD JULIEN/AFP/Getty Images)
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As if you needed further proof that this Harry Potter starlet can rock any hairstyle and any hair color and look ah-mazing, Emma Watson went dark brunette for Vogue Italia, according to Perez Hilton, and the spooky spread is seriously bewitching.

The UN Women Goodwill Ambassador is generally known for her ladylike, polished elegance, so her dark and brooding editorial in Vogue Italia's November issue was slightly unexpected — but totally fantastic. Though she's not on the cover (that went to Gigi Hadid), Watson stars in a lengthy feature inside the magazine. With one moody shot after the other, I have to say, I am seriously digging her dark side.

The 25-year-old actress models several dramatic chiffon, lace, and sheer gowns, all with a slightly gothic, Old World feel to them, and adding to all that the rich darkness is her dark brown hair. Though I'm not sure the color switch-up is for real (it could be a wig, or just dyed for this particular shoot), nonetheless, it looks stunning on her — especially against her pale, porcelain skin.

If no one had told me this was Emma Watson, I would have assumed it was some high-fashion model, because this editorial is all kinds of fierce. So she can act, champion feminism, and model, too — there's basically nothing she cannot do.

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Holy gorgeousness. 

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She is hauntingly beautiful.

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I'm kind of wanting this to be her actual hair color. Though she's a brunette...

She's never been THIS dark. However, she's also been blonde...

And even bronde.

Basically, she can wear any hair color. I'm kind of hoping dark brunette sticks for a while!

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