Kim K Has A Closet Dedicated To North West

When you’re as fashionable as this woman is, it makes sense that you’d have an incredible closet space to display all of your fine pieces. Kim Kardashian will have a separate closet for North West, chock full of pieces of she hopes her daughter will want to wear one day, she told André Leon Talley in the latest Vogue podcast. This mom wants only the best for her daughter, so I’m sure only the top pieces in her wardrobe will make the cut.

West is pretty independent for a toddler (I mean, she knows how to post to Instagram, already) so, she’s bound to have a very distinct style, especially given how fashionable her parents are, but it is nice to think that she’d appreciate these hand-me-downs from her mom. Kardashian gives us a hint of what will be in the closet, telling Talley that all of her Met Gala gowns and her wedding dress have snagged a spot. “Hopefully one day, she’ll want to wear something of mine. Everything is all for her,” she says. Lucky girl!

While Kardashian plans on making her personal closet look like a store — clothes organized by height, marble and brushed-gold accents — I’m far more interested in West’s closet because I’d love to one day see her in some of her mom’s best pieces. Here are nine items that I believe deserve a spot in the highly coveted closet.

1. Her Wedding Dress

The most special dress of all will surely make the cut.

2. Barely There Met Gala Dress

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This is so elegant, it's worth wearing again. Please consider this one, North!

3. Grammys Sparkle Gown

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even if she didn't want to wear this one to an event — how fun would a game of dress-up be in this?

4. Met Gala Robe Dress

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This dress was simple and sexy, just how Kardashian likes her clothing. Maybe her daughter's style will be similar.

5. Engagement Dress

This dress is so special, it'd be hard to pass up hanging it in the closet.

6. 1920s Flapper Ensemble

This could make for one fabulous flapper Halloween costume.

7. All-Over Floral Met Gala Gown

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So this gown didn't get rave reviews, but this was a major turning point for Kardashian as far as designers wanting to dress her, so I still think it's worthy of the closet.

8. Sheer Givenchy Lace Dress

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This dress could help to teach West a thing or two about body positivity.

9. Rehearsal Dinner Dress


This gorgeous white gown that was part of her wedding celebration deserves to hang near her wedding dress.

I could go on for days. Kim — if you need any help selecting for North's closet, I'm your girl.

Listen to the full Vogue podcast here.

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