Donald Trump Debate Memes Never Fail To Make Every Showdown So Much Better

Be honest, has there ever been one thing that Donald Trump has done on the debate stage that made you think, "He deserves my vote for president"? Probably not. Watching Trump is essentially tuning into primetime television. It's quality entertainment, and the Internet waits with bated breath and Photoshop open. And though the candidates or even Trump himself might disappoint in the debate, the Donald Trump memes from the fourth Republican debate certainly did not.

He is the absolute prime target for the Internet's snark. His hair, his animated expressions, and his big mouth make for the perfect storm of Twitter entertainment. And to be honest, we probably needed a little comic relief from all of it. The fourth debate centered on the economy, which even if you're a complete policy buff can be a little dry.

Trump got practice being the butt of a joke when he hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend. But as The New York Times noted, the show threw softballs to the mogul. The Internet is never quite as considerate, though, so if Trump can't take it as well as he dishes it out, he should probably avoid his TL for a few days. Somehow, we feel like Trump is going to be OK at the end of all of this.

Here are some of our favorites...

We knew Trump's War on Starbucks holiday cups would be part of the Twittersphere, but this one combined both his hair and his coffee boycott.

Trump swag, though I wish he was rapping instead of being the snooze fest that he has been.

Trump has been just about as thin as this meme when it comes to his economic policy.

Probably what we've all been thinking.


A closer look, courtesy of Trevor Noah.

Patrick, simplifying Donald Trump's immigration plan even more than he does.

The devil might also work...

Trump was all but silent in this Republican debate. Or, you know, compared to his normal self.