GOP Debate Moderator Calls Hillary Clinton's Resume "Impressive," Crowd Is Having None Of It

Near the closing of the fourth GOP debate Tuesday night, Fox News moderator Maria Bartiromo got the audience to boo by daring to suggest that Hillary Clinton is — gasp! — competent. In a question aimed at getting the candidates to answer how they would beat such an experienced Democratic frontrunner, Bartiromo called Clinton's resume "impressive" and added that she has "more experience than almost all of you." Naturally, since this is an actual fact, the audience at Fox News' debate was having none of it, and began to boo.

Cut to Marco Rubio's face, which looked somewhere between constipated and like someone stole his lolly ... and he decided to pretend to laugh about it. The other candidates didn't look too pleased either, and went on to bash Clinton for pretty much the rest of the debate. Carly Fiornia especially went after Clinton in her closing statement, getting so riled up that she even managed to speak about herself in the third person, proclaiming "Carly Fiorina can beat Hillary Clinton." Donald Trump called Clinton the "worst secretary of state" in America's history. Ted Cruz admitted that she has a lot of experience, but "represents the worst of cronyism in America," which might just be the most sane thing he's ever said.

One can only imagine that Hillary is thrilled with all the attention — and the clear assumption that she will be the Democratic nominee. She's been gaining Twitter followers faster than Kylie Jenner during Tuesday night's debate, and here's guessing she gets plenty of donations as a result of all this airtime, too.

Here's what people had to say on Twitter — including Clinton herself.